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Discovered today that BGW amps seem to be a pretty good bargain in certain used-gear arenas. So much so that in terms of $/watt, I'd almost be foolish NOT to grab one (or two or six).

So, anyone have any experience with BGW? Favorite models, things to avoid, or general thoughts?
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Well, the BGW 150's are in. I managed to get a pair of them for $127 shipped! (Part of a large estate sale and the guy didn't want to bother with testing all the electronics, so he sold them as "Not Working or For Parts".

Turns out they're in pretty good shape. The balanced inputs on this model require a transformer which was not included, and I have yet to receive a reply from BGW's tech support people about how to proceed. The good news is that the unbalanced input works just fine.

They produce a very nice clean sound. I've been driving a pair of Alesis Monitor One's with them, and it's really quite nice. No hum/hiss, just a meaty signal. Low end is characteristic of an overbuilt power supply... when the woofers ask for more power, it's right there for the taking. High end is nice and crisp, with plenty of detail in acoustic guitar lines, voice, and sticks on cymbals.

If you're in the market for a used amp that sounds great, doesn't cost you your firstborn child, and allows you more space to park your old Sherman Tank, check out BGW.
I've got an offer on a 150 for 175.00 plus shipping. Do you think that this is about right ?
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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