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big problems with 43fdx20b

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Hey guys, just got a 43fdx20b. i've read through the convergence posts. my colors are not aligned. moreso on the right side. i'm trying to fix the tv without having to replace the resistors or anything as i think I can. it's barely off. the only problem is, i don't have a remote for the tv..i was able to get into the convergence grid but did not have a way to adjust the values without a remote...i have uverse and the remote works for the tv for almost everything but the numbers (which are used to change the values).

Do you guys have any suggestions? I'll try anything...if I have to replace anything on it, i'll probably junk the tv and get a flat screen..i'm just trying to keep from having to do that. any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated.
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Have you tried Ebay for a replacement remote?

Couldn't hurt..
Particularly with Hitachi sets, it is very hard to get by without the original remote for conergence. You can duplicate the functions in some programmable remotes, but there are some buttons that are not going to be there in most. I'd also suggest ebay.
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