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Manufacturer: BK Electronics
Model: XLS300/PR
Provided by: Marek Sound
Manufacturer link: BK Electronics
Price: 699 EUR

Manufacturer specs:
• System Type: 30 Litre Passive Radiator Active System with Variable Freq bass filter
• Frequency Response at -3dB: 20Hz
• Amplifier Input / Output Impedance: High Level 100K - Low Level 10K
• Gain Control Range: 60dB
• Drive Unit Impedance: 4 Ohm
• Mains Input: 230V / 50Hz
• Dimensions: 380D X 350H x 400W Dims include heatsink, grille and feet
• Weight: 25kg
• Finishes: Black Semi Gloss, Silver Semi Gloss, Light Oak Veneer and Cheery Real Wood Veneers Rosewood, Walnut, White, Gloss Black and Black ash on request
• 2 Years Warranty
• True 300W continuous discrete Bipolar amplifier
• Truly hand built in Great Britain, when we claim hand built we mean hand built, as there are no SMD components or other automatic placement devices.
• Forward Firing 250mm (10") Peerless XLS10 long throw heavy duty and highly regarded drive unit
• Downward Firing 250mm (10")Peerless PR
• Continuously variable frequency control
• Audiophile grade toroidal transformers
• Gas Tight Neutrik connection for long term consistency of sound quality
• Separate controls for high and low-level input adjustment
• Simultaneous connection of high and low level sources
• ASP automatic speaker protection audibly transparent driver protection
• 4 x 16A output devices for effortless current control
• IEC Power Socket

Configuration as tested:
Phase: 0 degrees
Crossover: Bypassed
Orientation: Active woofer facing the mic


Elite Shackster
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+/- 3 dB points: 17.3 Hz - 71 Hz (crossover min)

+/- 3 dB points: 30.5 Hz - 166 Hz (crossover max)
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