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Black Friday Clearance Sale on Chane (Originally Chase) speakers and subwoofers

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Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving! As promised, here are our Black Friday / Clearance items:

M1 MTM Loudspeaker:

The M1 was designed to be our affordable, $175 music and theater monitor. They are nothing short of astonishing loudspeakers selling for a minimal price. Each speaker stands about 19 inches tall x 6.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep.
We have had customers compare them to far more expensive speakers, and have always "held our own".

You can find some information here: http://www.chanemusiccinema.com/chane-home-theater-loudspeakers/M1

We have 160 in stock, ready to deliver at $100 EACH (plus shipping)

The biggest problem will be wondering how much speaker one can get for $100. :)

SBE-118 Subwoofer

Our very own Jman reviewed the SBE-118 here: http://www.chanemusiccinema.com/forum/showthread.php?47809-Chane-SBE-118-Subwoofer-Review

And Peter Loeser, Home Theater Shack Staff member, penned his review here (includes the three Theater 10's): http://www.hometheatershack.com/for...073-chane-3-2-home-theater-system-review.html

The SBE stands for sealed bass engine, and the idea behind this subwoofer is to allow one to configure it in any way one wants - from a single unit with a Dayton SA-230 amp to a Quad pack with our very own MQ-600 amplifier.

Here is some pricing:

SBE-118 passive units: $400 each plus shipping (duals are suggested when possible)

Dayton SA-230 amp: $195 - will turn a single SBE-118 into a powered sub at $595 plus shipping. There is nothing on the market that will deliver this much clean bass for this type of $$$$.

Dayton SA-1000 amp: $375 - will turn a pair of SBE-118's into an $1175 package that will ROCK any theater room. This is the same package Peter tested.

MQ-600 amp: $450. This amp normally sells for $600 - Black Friday pricing is $450. Add a quad pack of SBE-118's and you will NEVER look back in terms of quality bass - for $2050, this system just plain ROCKS.

We have 65 SBE-118's at this price and 100 MQ-600's. The MQ-600 also makes for an incredible high end basic power amplifier. Three of these in your system at $1350 plus shipping will give you 5 channels of incredible power with a channel left over to drive a PAIR of SBE-118's. The MQ-600 also plays nice with any of the excellent DIY drivers - Stereo Integrity, TC- Sounds, Mach 5 - you name it. This amp is a beauty!

All Sales must be paid for via PayPal @ [email protected]

I am available during normal business hours, eastern time zone, Monday to Friday with questions @ 800-664-9485. Feel free to email questions, or PM me here.

We are set up to take all Paypal approved credit cards - we pay all fees.

We also can take checks / money orders.
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Hello Everyone,
I ordered 4 SBE-118's and a MQ-600 to go with my existing SS-18.2's and my MQ-600 amp! I've moved around some furniture, have another 20Amp wall outlet, 12/2 wired, 20Amp dedicated circuit breaker ready for the new MQ-600 and the 4 new subs. I'm looking forward to the Eight 18's tight (and loud) bass!
Coming from 3 ported subs, I've come to appreciate the Sealed Sound. I don't think I would have been disappointed with 4 VS-18.1's but glad I went with the sealed. I agree with MKTheater that sealed can be as loud and as impactful as ported, you just have to add more subs..., And they go lower. :)
I'm also blessed in that my wife would let me put 20 subs in here if that is what I wanted but I have to say; even though my existing subs have a big wow factor with my friends, they do take up some real estate!
I currently have 11.2 and am toying with adding some ceiling speakers for Atmos but am going to wait awhile to see how the format shakes out.

I've spoken with Craig on two occasions in the last couple of weeks and and am impressed with him just like I was a year or so ago when I ordered my original SS-18.2's. I know he may not be popular in some forums but I appreciate people that honestly voice their opinions Knowing they will be vilified by some. I do wish we lived closer together, I would love for him to hear my system when I get my new subs hooked up. I think he would be a fun guy to just hang out with.
I also hope Craig is able to stay in the A/V business for a long time to come. I know this is more of a Hobby/Side Business to him than anything else but companies that offer True Value products and/or services, with the corresponding low profit margins, are difficult to sustain...

Sorry for the ramble but just wanted to share my excitement!

I'll let you all know my impressions in a few weeks when the system is up and "complete" (for now). :D
Blessings Everyone and Happy New Year, Brian
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Hello Everyone,
Craig told me that they were not pleased with the way my subs looked so they put
an "extra coat" on them.
They are shipping all four subs and the MQ-600 on Thursday so I should receive them on Mon/Tues.
I'm looking forward to Da Boom!

sbdman; I'll let you know how it sounds "doubling up".
Thank You (as well as several others) for your invaluable advice in my subwoofer/amp decisions.


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Great News Craig! Will you also be able to transfer the forum threads from Chane back to Chase?

I'm anxiously awaiting my new subs and amp! I just sold my last remaining
vented sub today (an old Def Tec PF15TL that I bought ages ago).
Can't wait to hear 8 sealed 18" drivers! I've been collecting some additional movies that
have great LFE and ready to Shake The House!
Thanks for the encouragement SBDman!


P.S. I personally think the SS.18.2 is one of the meanest looking (and Great Sounding)
subs ever but with it's dual 18's it is a heavy beast. I Love Mine!...
Great News Craig! Will you also be able to transfer the forum threads from Chane back to Chase?

I'm anxiously awaiting my new subs and amp! I just sold my last remaining
vented sub today (an old Def Tec PF15TL that I bought ages ago).
Can't wait to hear 8 sealed 18" drivers! I've been collecting some additional movies that
have great LFE and ready to Shake The House!
Thanks for the encouragement SBDman!

Hey sbdman!,
I just listened to Haddaway's "What Is Love" cranked up pretty loud (according to Rat Shack meter, 110-111dB,
appx 6' off the floor in the middle of my 15' x 25' entertainment room).
That may not be as loud as some of your systems but it is loud to me! It is so Clean sounding that I have to
watch myself and not listen to it loud for extended periods of time. One time last year my left ear rang for several
weeks. I was sitting too close to one of my side surrounds. lol.
After awhile this morning I had to turn it down a bit. My XPA-1 and XPA-2 (these power my center and mains) LED's were really dancing.
No red showing but pretty close!
I also smelled a little electronic smoke (pushing a little too much wattage through my crossovers again.
May have to replace a few board capacitors again soon. lol).

When using the Audyssey XT32 calibration recommendation, I think it really limits my subs by instructing me to turn down the gain on my MQ-600
(I usually prefer to run them a little hotter) but they still sound Great!
I can't wait for my new subs to arrive but my system sounds Oh So Good already. I makes me smile ear to ear.
Nothing like 11 speakers, 2 x SS18.2's, Multi Channel Music Mode, and a few thousand watts to brighten up a Saturday morning!

Blessings,Brian :bigsmile:

P.S. Did I mention I LOVE MY SS18.2's!!!
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Brian, I just got that visualization of you and me head nodding aka A Night at the Roxburry (car scene)! :rofl:

Yes, to make Audyssey happy and make sure the receiver gain isn't set too low to drive the amp you do have to lower your amp gain to get a proper measurement. Then crank the amp back up 3-6dB to your liking after setup and let the fun begin.

And as to smelling smoke - I hope that's just the capacitors and nothing more.
I literally laughed out loud thinking about that movie scene! I used to dance back in the 70's/80's (Saturday Night
Fever era). I think I may have one of my old sequened dancing suits around here somewhere. Lol!

Thanks for the advice on cranking the amp back up. I think I may have them set a little low at the moment.

Question; I have some 1/4" thick solid rubber mats I cut specifically for placing my new subs on. I sometimes have issues with stuff vibrating around when listening to bass heavy material. I'm placing one sub on each side in the rear portion of my room and stacking 2 of them next to the actual rear wall of the room (I also have a rubber mat to place between the stacked subs). Do you think this will affect LFE at all? I will place them directly on the floor (hard service) and will deal with them moving around a little if it negatively affects the subs performance. What do you guys think?

A GREAT Deal and Offer Craig! It makes me wish I needed more speakers!
We are clearing the current stock of 54 remaining SBE-118's at $400 each. These are a passive sub, but a single unit can be driven quite nicely with the $199 Dayton SA-230.

Five M-1's and this subwoofer package would make for one killer system.
And they sound even better with your bulletproof MQ-600!
Hello Everyone,
I just had a "Movie Night" for 7 of my close friends. We watched Expendables 3.
An OK movie but had some pretty good LFE. I have my 4 new SBE-118's in the rear portion of
my room along with my two SS18.2's that flank each side of my TV. I have my SS18.2's powered by my old
MQ-600 using one channel for each. My new MQ-600 arrived with a dead channel. Craig is UPS'ing me a new
one but suggested I hook the four SBE-118's up to the one working channel in series. He said the amp would
see a two ohm load so 1200 watts rms. I have to say, it sounds Great!

A few days ago I had to see what these eight 18" woofers could do. I ran Audyssey but after saving the
results, I turned the gain way up on both the sub amps and also in my Denon both to zero [(Audyssey had
the left (front) at -10.00 and the other at -10.5)]. After doing this I listened to some music and it sounded
good and loud but it was not until I played the crash scene in "Flight Of The Phoenix" that the walls truly
were shaking. It was some of the intense bass I have ever heard". Both LED meters on my older amp
pegged into the red and stayed there for at least 5 to 10 seconds before tripping the rear circuit breaker.
The amp that I have wired in series never tripped the circuit breaker but after flashing the red LED's for
awhile it just simply quit working. The fans were still blowing but it was not amplifying anything.
Craig told me to "feel free" to wire them up in series so I felt confident he would not mind if the
amp blew the working channel too. Well..., It did not do any apparent damage. After it cooled down
for 15-20 minutes, it started amplifying again. I'm not sure how loud my room actually got but I would
guess 120+db! (The loudest I have ever seen on my digital Radio Shack spl meter was 122db and I know it
was at least that loud). My Emotiva amps were getting hot as well as my AVR-4520 (that only powers
my height and wide speakers). I was also getting a little concerned about hearing damage but I tell you
what, IT WAS INCREDIBLE for those few minutes.
I'm so glad I got all of these subs and cannot imagine ever needing more. I think that 4 of Craigs vented
subs would have made me smile also but the lightning quick impact of my subs is sometimes shocking.
You are watching a movie at a pretty elevated volume and everything sounds great but if a bomb
or maybe a cannon goes off it makes you jump!

I know my new subs are no where near broken in yet but they already sound great. They seem pretty durable
too. One of my friends had his Coke sitting on a coaster on top of one of them (I'm using one as an end table)
and within just a few minutes it vibrated off and spilled all over. Lol!

Just wanted to share with you all that I'm all smiles here.

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Hi sbdman!,
I have not received my replacement amp yet but Craig recently texted me that it is on it's way.

You are correct, Craig is a stand up guy! I have personally talked to him for extended periods
of time on several occasions. We not only talked about A/V but also about a variety of other subjects
including firearms (my area of expertise). As I mentioned before, I wish he lived closer so we could
just hang out one evening. He has a standing invitation to come over to the house any time he happens
to be in the Nashville area. (I'll supply the steaks and even some ear plugs!)
I'm not surprised that he now replaces damaged drivers that are damaged through no
fault of his own. Amazing.

To be honest, there are times I wonder what Craig's vented subs would sound like in my room. My three
previous subs were in your face loud. These sealed subs have a much different sound.
Much more "accurate" for lack of a better description. You are watching a movie thinking everything sounds great
but not overwhelmed with the bass (like you would think with eight 18" woofers working), then all of the sudden a
gun blast or a plane flies over and it hits you like a baseball bat! Wow!
Living in/near Nashville I have many friends that are in the music industry. Many have been to parties at my house.
Some you may recognize their names and are relatively famous but all know music very well.
In fact, just a couple of weeks ago a couple of very experienced "sound guys" were here and we had a great time.
All are/were impressed with the bass and overall sound of my system.
"Wow" or "Incredible" are the terms most often used. When I crank it up so loud that when you try to talk loudly and
cannot hear your own voice but can feel your vocal chords vibrating and yet the sound is still so clean and crisp.
They typically just shake their head and start laughing.

These are some impressive subs Especially when you consider the price. Again, Amazing.

Blessings Everyone,

P.S. sbdman, you are also welcome to come by and hang out if you are ever in town...
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Hi Everyone,
I just HAD to post a followup. I watched scenes from both Terminator Salvation and Pacific Rim
on my OPPO last night with my daughter.
I'm having a party tomorrow for 25 people and wanted to have a couple of LFE scenes that show what these 8 sealed 18" woofers can do. There is a bomb scene with machine gun fire and helicopters in one of the early scenes of TS. It Was Incredible! The subs kind of fade into the background until a scene like this and then they "explode" onto the scene. It is Startling and Enjoyable at the same time.
At times both of my MQ-600's had all of their green lights lit up but I never saw any red. My new subs have less than 30 hours on them so not quite "broken in" but I'm still Very Impressed. I cannot wait for tomorrow.
One reviewer called the SBE-118 an "iron fist in a velvet glove". What a great description.
Sorry for such a generic post but just wanted to share.
Blessings Everyone,
Hi sbdman!,
I didn't see your post until long after the party but the "audition" went well.
Some of my guest's teenagers did not seem too impressed with all of the subs at first.
Kind of a "I know a guy who has a really nice system" kind of attitude. Then I played the
scenes from Terminator Salvation and all doubters were convinced. Wide eyed with their
mouths open! If memory serves me, the word that was used most often was "Awesome".

I looked through my collection and I have most of your recommendations. As I type this I
am watching the DTS DVD version of War Of The Worlds. The Pod emergence scene is indeed
amazing. Not sure if it has more powerful LFE than TS but it is incredible!
My room is appx 15' wide x 25' long with 11' ceilings that are angled at each end.
I have my subs set at +3.5 dB in the settings on my AVR-4520. The master volume on my 4520 is on
75 (on a scale with 100 being max).
The MQ-600's gain controls are set at just over 1/2 way up. The 600's green LED's were dancing up and down
with an occasional red flash.
In the exact middle of the room with my Rat Shack meter appx 40" above the floor, It showed
peaks of 121dB! I think if I pushed it just a little more I could get 125 dB. It is pretty loud. It is hard to stay
in the room with it this loud but it was very clean sounding (other than the house shaking itself pretty severely).
I'm really pleased with my system and look forward to rewatching a bunch of my movies.
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