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Black Friday Clearance Sale on Chane (Originally Chase) speakers and subwoofers

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Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving! As promised, here are our Black Friday / Clearance items:

M1 MTM Loudspeaker:

The M1 was designed to be our affordable, $175 music and theater monitor. They are nothing short of astonishing loudspeakers selling for a minimal price. Each speaker stands about 19 inches tall x 6.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep.
We have had customers compare them to far more expensive speakers, and have always "held our own".

You can find some information here: http://www.chanemusiccinema.com/chane-home-theater-loudspeakers/M1

We have 160 in stock, ready to deliver at $100 EACH (plus shipping)

The biggest problem will be wondering how much speaker one can get for $100. :)

SBE-118 Subwoofer

Our very own Jman reviewed the SBE-118 here: http://www.chanemusiccinema.com/forum/showthread.php?47809-Chane-SBE-118-Subwoofer-Review

And Peter Loeser, Home Theater Shack Staff member, penned his review here (includes the three Theater 10's): http://www.hometheatershack.com/for...073-chane-3-2-home-theater-system-review.html

The SBE stands for sealed bass engine, and the idea behind this subwoofer is to allow one to configure it in any way one wants - from a single unit with a Dayton SA-230 amp to a Quad pack with our very own MQ-600 amplifier.

Here is some pricing:

SBE-118 passive units: $400 each plus shipping (duals are suggested when possible)

Dayton SA-230 amp: $195 - will turn a single SBE-118 into a powered sub at $595 plus shipping. There is nothing on the market that will deliver this much clean bass for this type of $$$$.

Dayton SA-1000 amp: $375 - will turn a pair of SBE-118's into an $1175 package that will ROCK any theater room. This is the same package Peter tested.

MQ-600 amp: $450. This amp normally sells for $600 - Black Friday pricing is $450. Add a quad pack of SBE-118's and you will NEVER look back in terms of quality bass - for $2050, this system just plain ROCKS.

We have 65 SBE-118's at this price and 100 MQ-600's. The MQ-600 also makes for an incredible high end basic power amplifier. Three of these in your system at $1350 plus shipping will give you 5 channels of incredible power with a channel left over to drive a PAIR of SBE-118's. The MQ-600 also plays nice with any of the excellent DIY drivers - Stereo Integrity, TC- Sounds, Mach 5 - you name it. This amp is a beauty!

All Sales must be paid for via PayPal @ [email protected]

I am available during normal business hours, eastern time zone, Monday to Friday with questions @ 800-664-9485. Feel free to email questions, or PM me here.

We are set up to take all Paypal approved credit cards - we pay all fees.

We also can take checks / money orders.
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are they still for sale? I don't see them anymore on the website (they were there about a month ago)
I'm getting ready to purchase some speakers and tried calling a couple days ago but have not heard back. It's tough but I'm trying to be patient (not something I do well at :) )
Does anyone have links to speaker info and reviews? Very little available (I found the M1 intro thread here, - but no real reviews or comparisons. The picture looks good but how does it sound? And is the M1 or Theater10 a better speaker? Sorry - not much information to evaluate options.
Bruce - I managed to pull some information off the forum before it disappeared, and posted it here:
If we can get some phone time Monday (my apologies again), I will explain the ultimate in home trial to you, and also give you some ideas about the M-1's vs. Theater 10's.
Great, thanks, I'll call you Monday
Yeah, I have no clue either. And to be honest, I'm interested in the other Chane products too (A5RX-C, etc)...
Still debating about the M-1's or the Theater 10's. Bruce Fisher, after you talk to Craigsub on Monday, Please post which speaker you picked and why. Thanks.
I ended up purchasing 6 M1s today. I think the Theater10's would have been great in my old theater with an AT screen and false wall. Based on my discussion with Craig, they sounded like terrific speakers but are not pretty to look at. My current project will have these speakers visible so the M1s sounded like a better option.

I'm excited to try the M1s. I like the concept of all 6 speakers (I'm doing a 6.1 setup) being identical.
Do the M-1's have a keyhole mounting or any thing on the back?
I have not received mine yet - but when I spoke with Craig before he said it would be easy to put one on it to hang on the wall
I received my 6 M-1s yesterday, got them set up and been listening to them all morning. Here's my initial thoughts:

- I do not like the shipping method, on a pallet with a carrier. Took a full week to arrive. They were totally unharmed (good) but was slow and required someone to be home to receive them. Was hard for delivery person to maneuver (semi truck) in my neighborhood and he wasn't thrilled with helping my wife move them from the street to the house (maybe he just wanted a bigger tip).

- Speakers are very nice looking. Nice clean lines, nothing calls attention to them. Speakers are all black with black grills. There are no logos or identifying marks anywhere.

- Grills are pin/hole mounted. No issues, but felt like care needed when taking them on/off to not bend/break the pins.

- Drivers are impressive looking (with the grills off). Kevlar reinforced woofers, dome tweeter.

- Connections on back are easy. I use banana jacks - no issues. Push in the cap, slide in jack, release cap and it locks in. Recessed location.

- Speakers are neither light, nor heavy but feel substantial and solid. My Emotiva bookshelves are heavier, but these feel about the same as my Martin Logan bookshelves.

- Back of speaker could easily accommodate an external keyhole mount and put these on the wall

- I have front 2 speakers connected to Emotiva USP-1 and UPA-5 Amp, with M&K sub (don't remember model - dual 8" if I remember correct), and placed on wooden speaker stands about 20" from back wall and 12" from side walls. (I also use an Outlaw 975 for theater processing, but 2 channel bypasses the Outlaw)

- Initial thoughts are that they are a bit "bright". However, already this morning they have softened up some (or I'm getting used to the sound). I expect they will continue to improve as they are used and broken in. I may need to rotate them around the room to make sure they all get broken in.

- Sound is nice and clear, dynamic, and efficient (they are louder than my other speakers at the same volume setting). Excellent imaging. I listened to a wide variety of music with them and already appreciate them. I do not have any experience reviewing speakers - but they sound good to me. I'll focus on this more once I feel I have them properly broken in.

- Easily blended with my subwoofer, only very minor adjustment needed.

As noted, I expect these will continue to improve as I use them and am looking forward to cranking up a good movie with them soon.
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Here is a quick picture of the speaker with the grill off to help get a feel for size and shape in a real environment


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Bruce, hey buddy, what do u thnk now of the M-1's. Want to sale them? Are they getting better? We want to know!! Thanks
I am due to update everyone - sorry for the delay! Had some other challenges (needed to replace my processor, etc). I owe Craig a call to pay for these gems.

Bottom line - very happy with them and I will be keeping them. I have them set up in 6.1 now and it sounds great for TV and movies. I love having all 6 as identical speakers. When a movie is on - they all just disappear and immerse us in the movie. No one speaker ever calls attention to itself - it is just great sound everywhere.

Regarding music - I think I have them broken in now and they sound very good. I think they are detailed and open with good imaging. I'm not a professional reviewer so I can't tell you how they compare to a variety of speakers... I can only compare them with the few sets I have and I would say they are as good or better than any of the other speaker sets I have. I have this mated to a Emotiva UPA-5 amp (and new Yamaha processor (and the 6th rear speaker uses the Yamaha amp)) and they sound dynamic and clear.

If I didn't know they were this inexpensive, I never would have guessed it. They look, feel, and sound like a much more expensive speaker. For the price, I have no hesitation recommending them. In fact, I would feel the same if they were more expensive - the low price just makes them a no brainer.

I have determined that I need some acoustic treatments now. At very high volumes (these easily crank loud), I think it gets a little mushy and messy... but I blame my room for that. I plan to get some panels on the walls to help.

Here's a few pictures of these speakers in my room (still a work in process). You can see the mount I used on the back of the rear speaker. Made it pretty easy to mount - slides into groove and holds it in nicely. I was a bit nervous that the rear speakers would be tippy on high stands but they are quite stable - no problems.

Next up: new sub and acoustic treatments :)


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I'm excited to hear your review. I have been enjoying these speakers for several weeks now and am very pleased with them - especially when you figure in the cost! One of the best deals around (imo)
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