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Black Friday Clearance Sale on Chane (Originally Chase) speakers and subwoofers

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Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving! As promised, here are our Black Friday / Clearance items:

M1 MTM Loudspeaker:

The M1 was designed to be our affordable, $175 music and theater monitor. They are nothing short of astonishing loudspeakers selling for a minimal price. Each speaker stands about 19 inches tall x 6.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep.
We have had customers compare them to far more expensive speakers, and have always "held our own".

You can find some information here: http://www.chanemusiccinema.com/chane-home-theater-loudspeakers/M1

We have 160 in stock, ready to deliver at $100 EACH (plus shipping)

The biggest problem will be wondering how much speaker one can get for $100. :)

SBE-118 Subwoofer

Our very own Jman reviewed the SBE-118 here: http://www.chanemusiccinema.com/forum/showthread.php?47809-Chane-SBE-118-Subwoofer-Review

And Peter Loeser, Home Theater Shack Staff member, penned his review here (includes the three Theater 10's): http://www.hometheatershack.com/for...073-chane-3-2-home-theater-system-review.html

The SBE stands for sealed bass engine, and the idea behind this subwoofer is to allow one to configure it in any way one wants - from a single unit with a Dayton SA-230 amp to a Quad pack with our very own MQ-600 amplifier.

Here is some pricing:

SBE-118 passive units: $400 each plus shipping (duals are suggested when possible)

Dayton SA-230 amp: $195 - will turn a single SBE-118 into a powered sub at $595 plus shipping. There is nothing on the market that will deliver this much clean bass for this type of $$$$.

Dayton SA-1000 amp: $375 - will turn a pair of SBE-118's into an $1175 package that will ROCK any theater room. This is the same package Peter tested.

MQ-600 amp: $450. This amp normally sells for $600 - Black Friday pricing is $450. Add a quad pack of SBE-118's and you will NEVER look back in terms of quality bass - for $2050, this system just plain ROCKS.

We have 65 SBE-118's at this price and 100 MQ-600's. The MQ-600 also makes for an incredible high end basic power amplifier. Three of these in your system at $1350 plus shipping will give you 5 channels of incredible power with a channel left over to drive a PAIR of SBE-118's. The MQ-600 also plays nice with any of the excellent DIY drivers - Stereo Integrity, TC- Sounds, Mach 5 - you name it. This amp is a beauty!

All Sales must be paid for via PayPal @ [email protected]

I am available during normal business hours, eastern time zone, Monday to Friday with questions @ 800-664-9485. Feel free to email questions, or PM me here.

We are set up to take all Paypal approved credit cards - we pay all fees.

We also can take checks / money orders.
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Guys - here are some specs on the MQ-600:

•Two channels
•Individual front panel adjustable level controls
•Signal, protection, active, and clip/limiting LED indicators
•Adjustable lowpass and highpass crossovers
•Manual, auto, or triggered on/off modes
•Stereo set of heavy five-way speaker binding posts
•Stereo set of Speakon locking speaker terminals
•High current linear power supply
•High current Class AB output stage
•Heavy-duty steel chassis, rack-mountable or tabletop use
•Variable fan cooled

•Power per channel (2 channel) - Watts: 600 into 8 Ohms; 900 into 4 Ohms; 1100 into 2 Ohms
•Power, peak headroom: 3 dB (double the rated RMS)
•S/N ratio: 105 dB
•Slew rate: 80v/us
•Damping factor: 500:1
•Input impedance: 10K or 20k Ohms, balanced or unbalanced
•Power requirements: 120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
•Dimensions: 19" W x 3-1/2" H x 19-5/16" D
•Dimensions: 438mm W x 92mm H x 352mm D
•Weight: 50.5 lbs.

The MQ-600 is also bridgeable into mono, where it will deliver 1800 watts RMS into 8 ohms and 2200 watts RMS into 4 ohms.

This is not an inflated spec that we are used to seeing. The wattage specified is quite conservative.

And the weight at 50.5 pounds is NOT a typo. This amp is a BEAST. :boxer:
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Ucftechguru ... Thanks for the email. Looking forward to getting your quad pack into your hands next week!

To answer the question ... one can easily stack the SBE-118. I have seen as many as 4 stacked.

We are now at 56 SBE-118's remaining!
Guys - I have dubbed the M-1's as the "best speaker no one has ever heard". This brings the "chicken and egg" concept into mind. Guys want reviews to read before buying speakers - so here are some brief comments from some pretty knowledgeable audiophiles ... including professional reviewers:

Carlo (Fatcat), who is now a writer for Secrets of Home Theater wrote the following:

Who would have thought these guys make dynamite computer speakers but here's a picture of my M-1s flanking my dual monitors and crossed to a hot rodded UFW-12.

All this controlled and driven by a....GIZMO! And it sounds just plain awesome! The Giz is being fed by an external sound card (Musiland Monitor 2) and I'm using J. River Media Center with ASIO direct drivers as my media player.

I've tried a bunch of different speaker/sub combinations at my workstation and they either didn't mesh well, were too hard to drive at a good volume for the Gizmo, etc, etc. This combo sounds great, the sub to sat blend is good and the the little Giz runs it plenty loud and clean without breaking a sweat.

The M-1s are just clear and dynamic as all get out. Makes me very happy sitting here plugging away on Photoshop every day! Now some might think this is somewhat overkill for a computer setup but I figure since I couldn't quite jam my SS18.2 under the desk ....
Tesseract (a Home Theater Shack reviewer) summed up the M-1's as follows:

I remember the M-1's, they were at my house for a bit. Reminiscent of the B&W 600 series sound, but capable of playing louder without strain.
Bonebad from the original Chase Forum had a nice write up about 5 M-1's with an SS-18.1:

Some of you may know I bought some speakers for my brothers new theater(Soon to be completed.) After emailing back and forth to Craig I decided on 5 M1's and 2 SS18.1's along with the Mq600.

We received the order after around a week and everything was in good condition.

I set up 3 M1's and the subs in my house to break them in while we are finishing my brothers basement.

My brother knows absolutely nothing about speakers or anything about noise in general. So he left it all in my hands.

I had my brother over to listen to music and these do not dissapoint. He normally wont listen to loud music so I was suprised when he didn't complain about the noise level. We rocked out. My music collection includes everything country, rap, christian, rock. I just like music. The speakers sound good. The vocals were clear I can hear all the different instruments being played and we played the entire Zach Brown cd. Just awesome.

The M1's keep up with the SS18.1s just fine in all aspects. That really suprised me. I have Polk r400 towers now and the M1's sounded similiar to the polks IMO.
I am sensitive to highs and I am happy to report that I didn't have any issues with the M1's as far as fatiguing my poor sensitive ears.

We watched Jack Reacher a few nights ago and I was just floored at how well the gunshots sounded in the movie. The M1's blended very well with the Polk inwalls that I have. I am not sure if it because the speakers are neutral or if audyssey is that awesome. I may get one more movie in before we have to move them out for an 8 years old birthday party. So I am thinking Star Trek.
The dialog was good. I usually have a hard time understanding some of the words in movies but I had none of those issues with the M1's.

Overall the M1's are amazing for the price. What can I say about the 18.1's that hasn't been said already. They really thump. I have a pair of MFW15's and the SS's sound SO much cleaner, tight and just better. The SS's remind me of my car audio days and that made me happy happy happy.

I was thinking of building Seos but I am very concerned about the highs hurting my ears but now I may just replace my center channel with an M1 and call it good.

Craig really put together a great speaker here with the M1 I wouldn't hesitate to have them in my house or to recommend them to a friend or family.
An update to this thread ... We have sold just over half of the SBE-118's, and had enough drivers in stock to build another 30 ... so we currently have 61 SBE-118's in stock.

We also still have 140 M-1's and plenty of amplifiers, too.

ALL pricing will be in effect on ALL the products listed in the first post until we are sold out!

SO ....

SBE-118's are priced at $400 each while supplies last

M-1's are priced at $100 each while supplies last

MQ-600 (AKA model 3600)'s are priced at $450 each while supplies last!!
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Gents ... Here are some pics of the M-1 monitors. The dimensions are appx. 20x6x6 inches. The woofers are 5.25 inch long throw woofers, fiber reinforced with phase plugs. The soft dome tweeter has a small waveguide, and overall, they are a very good loudspeaker.

5 of these guys with a decent subwoofer will fill even large rooms nicely.

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The M-1 monitors seem to be missing from the website?
They were removed from the website without my knowledge. I am doing the best I can to get the info into this thread. Never a dull moment. :huh:
Bruce - They are still for sale - we have plenty in stock. The only place to find information on M-1's will be here. :T

My direct line is 800-664-9485, and I can be reached during normal business hours (9-5) eastern time zone.

PM's here and emails at [email protected] will also be answered.
Thanks, guys, for the kind words. I am talking to the powers here tomorrow about some ideas for something REALLY unusual. Look into this thread tomorrow for some announcements!
Tonto - I did have the conversation with one of the "powers" of Home Theater Shack today, and we discussed this unusual idea. It was well received, and we are going to discuss it further to firm up the details.

It may take another day or two to put it all together, but for now, it will be something done exclusively for Home Theater Shack members.
Tonto - I was the genius who said to look for the announcement tomorrow .. you would think I would learn NOT to say tomorrow unless it's to my kids wanting to borrow the car. :eek:lddude:
Bruce - I am sorry - Our secretary did forward a message with your phone number in it, and I misplaced it. I will be in the office Monday morning if you can call again.

And for anyone - Until I get the go ahead to post here, I cannot put the information up.

But anyone who calls me at 800-664-9485 will get the info directly starting Monday morning.

For a hint, we will be offering 30 M-1 systems as 5.0 (150 speakers total) and 6 Theater Ten systems as 5.0 (30 speakers total) in an in home trial unlike any that's ever been done. It will be the ultimate in low risk purchases.

I should also announce now that I am no longer part of Chane Music and Cinema. I will be "re-booting" Chase, and all the specials will be on Chase only products - M-1 speakers, Theater-10's, SBE-118 subwoofers, some of our original series SS-18.1, SS-18.2 and VS-18.1's ...
Brian - I don't think the old "Chase" forum will be back. Discussions will be had with HTS, and we may possibly have a forum here in the near future. We may even bring in my financial services company - we have a lot of great dealers (auto) with whom I can help forum members get excellent deals on vehicles.

There is a lot of detail to get worked out - as you know, waiting for your subwoofers that should have shipped on Thursday. I am still waiting confirmation on this for you. :hsd:
Bruce - I managed to pull some information off the forum before it disappeared, and posted it here:


You will see three mini reviews - including a one liner from Tesseract (a Home Theater Shack reviewer) when he compared the M-1's to some B&W's.

If we can get some phone time Monday (my apologies again), I will explain the ultimate in home trial to you, and also give you some ideas about the M-1's vs. Theater 10's.

This "in home trial" is going to truly be my putting my "money where my mouth is" for 30 M-1 and 6 Theater-10 potential purchasers.
Here is the first ultimate in home trial: The M-1's

Guys - As I type this, we have 144 brand new, in the box, M-1 speakers. I think anyone purchasing these for $100 plus flat rate shipping will be very happy with them.

SO .. Here is the offer on all remaining stock of M-1's. Cost per speaker is $100 plus $20 flat rate shipping.

You can order a pair of the speakers for the price of shipping.

One pair is $40 "up front".

Two pairs will be $80 "up front"

A 5.0 system will be $100, a 6.0 system $120 and a 7.0 system $140.

All 5, 6 and 7 channel systems will be shipped via truck - it's just safer this way.

You get 30 full days to listen to the M-1's in your system. If you like them, and think the $100 per speaker is a fair price, then you finish paying for them at that time.

If you think they are terrible, and that they don't deserve the $100 per speaker, you will owe nothing more. You can keep the speakers, with no additional moneys owed.

Of course, there are "some rules" for this. Here are the rules:

1. You must post in this thread that you ordered the speakers.
2. You must have at least 10 posts on Home Theater Shack.
3. You must post your results after you have auditioned the speakers.

I am doing this because I have found in 14 years of "on line audio" that over 99 % of the people one "meets" in the forum world are really nice, friendly honest people. I trust you. I am asking you to trust me when you buy our products - and let's face it, the normal "in home trial" does not do much.

I own all 144 remaining speakers, having paid for them up front. I think this is a pretty cool way to get some fun back into this hobby we all love.

Look for more stuff like this in regards to the Theater 10's, which should arrive in our Pennsylvania warehouse next week.
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Peter - Would you like to do a quick review of the M-1's? I would be happy to toss a pair your way.

And thanks, guys ... I remember when the forums were a lot of fun. Let's make it this way again. :eek:lddude:
Great offer for someone creating a home theater. Are you offering any subwoofer deals with the M-1's?
We are clearing the current stock of 54 remaining SBE-118's at $400 each. These are a passive sub, but a single unit can be driven quite nicely with the $199 Dayton SA-230.

Five M-1's and this subwoofer package would make for one killer system.
Otis - There are no keyholes on the back of the M-1's, but one can find a lot of worthy mounting options at Parts Express, Mono Price, Lowes or Home Depot - including several Keyhole kits at Lowes or Home Depot.
Bruce - Please allow an explanation about why we typically use truck freight for 5 or more speakers - even when as small as M-1's ... We have had SO many issues with speakers being destroyed by Fed Ex and UPS that the safety factor with putting them on a pallet makes sense. It costs us more money - but getting speakers to our customers the safest way possible is important.

To your point on breaking in ... yes ... about 50 hours is the norm. Keep playing, and thanks for posting your thoughts!
Bruce - Thank you for taking the time to post both your review and your pictures! Your payment for the speakers was received, and thanks in part to your review, two other orders came in off line for two separate 6 channel systems.
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