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Black Friday Clearance Sale on Chane (Originally Chase) speakers and subwoofers

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Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving! As promised, here are our Black Friday / Clearance items:

M1 MTM Loudspeaker:

The M1 was designed to be our affordable, $175 music and theater monitor. They are nothing short of astonishing loudspeakers selling for a minimal price. Each speaker stands about 19 inches tall x 6.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep.
We have had customers compare them to far more expensive speakers, and have always "held our own".

You can find some information here: http://www.chanemusiccinema.com/chane-home-theater-loudspeakers/M1

We have 160 in stock, ready to deliver at $100 EACH (plus shipping)

The biggest problem will be wondering how much speaker one can get for $100. :)

SBE-118 Subwoofer

Our very own Jman reviewed the SBE-118 here: http://www.chanemusiccinema.com/forum/showthread.php?47809-Chane-SBE-118-Subwoofer-Review

And Peter Loeser, Home Theater Shack Staff member, penned his review here (includes the three Theater 10's): http://www.hometheatershack.com/for...073-chane-3-2-home-theater-system-review.html

The SBE stands for sealed bass engine, and the idea behind this subwoofer is to allow one to configure it in any way one wants - from a single unit with a Dayton SA-230 amp to a Quad pack with our very own MQ-600 amplifier.

Here is some pricing:

SBE-118 passive units: $400 each plus shipping (duals are suggested when possible)

Dayton SA-230 amp: $195 - will turn a single SBE-118 into a powered sub at $595 plus shipping. There is nothing on the market that will deliver this much clean bass for this type of $$$$.

Dayton SA-1000 amp: $375 - will turn a pair of SBE-118's into an $1175 package that will ROCK any theater room. This is the same package Peter tested.

MQ-600 amp: $450. This amp normally sells for $600 - Black Friday pricing is $450. Add a quad pack of SBE-118's and you will NEVER look back in terms of quality bass - for $2050, this system just plain ROCKS.

We have 65 SBE-118's at this price and 100 MQ-600's. The MQ-600 also makes for an incredible high end basic power amplifier. Three of these in your system at $1350 plus shipping will give you 5 channels of incredible power with a channel left over to drive a PAIR of SBE-118's. The MQ-600 also plays nice with any of the excellent DIY drivers - Stereo Integrity, TC- Sounds, Mach 5 - you name it. This amp is a beauty!

All Sales must be paid for via PayPal @ [email protected]

I am available during normal business hours, eastern time zone, Monday to Friday with questions @ 800-664-9485. Feel free to email questions, or PM me here.

We are set up to take all Paypal approved credit cards - we pay all fees.

We also can take checks / money orders.
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I auditioned the M1's in my home I guess it was about 18 months ago or so...? And for the price they are AN INCREDIBLE VALUE.

They are phenomenal speakers! :T :yikes: :devil:
Not to get off topic but I have an MQ-600 question. I'm going to relocate this to a closet and wondering how I can turn it off and on remotely. It doesn't have a trigger jack. I'm going to be using a remote with rf/ir for the equipment. Any ideas are appreciated.
Maybe use something like this?

Guys - I have been working on a lot of stuff, and wanted to post some information for current owners of Chase Home Theater Subwoofers and future warranty work.

In the 4.5 years we have been selling subwoofers, we have had 4 driver failures. In order to make sure our customers don't get "stuck" in the future, I have set aside 12 brand new 18 inch drivers to assist in case we have future failures.

In the 4 failures, 2 of them were physical damage cause by the customer, and 2 were from being so over driven the voice coils were cooked. We still replace the drivers free of charge. It isn't like the 4 guys involved were TRYING to misbehave. :D

In one case, the customer's father fell on the driver and damaged it. I am just glad the Dad was not hurt.

I am also working on a place where I can archive information, and also have easier lines of communication with our customers. For now, rest assured, you won't be left "hanging". :T
That's AWESOME to hear Craig! :T

I hate to say it but I'm one of the guys who accidentally caused some physical damage to one of my drivers. :huh: :whistling: :help:

It happens and it's great to hear a company stand by their products like this. I do need a new driver and I'm grateful that Craig's got my back. :T
good prices! Especially on an MQ600! :explode:
Hey Craig :)

So I take it your completely out of the VS18.1s?

Not even an empty cab to be had?
Boober - I think we have a couple VS-18.1's in the Pennsylvania warehouse. :)
What's the going rate for 2 of em? :eek:lddude: :scratch: :whistling: :heehee:
Boober goin again for the half dozen for the win. From 6 mfw-15s to 6 VS-18, sounds like a killer plan! :yikes::unbelievable::clap:
Well 6 has always been my favorite number. :T :heehee:

I dunno as if I really need 2 more though... But if the price is right, and considering these are no longer made, I might get 2 more if possible.
Boober - Let me confirm they are there - I will check on Tuesday. :)
Awesome, Craig thanks. :T

I had a quick question for you. Something I've always wondered about. If you'll recall I've got 4 of the original VS18.1s. The kind with one single long slot for the vent. Not the newer kind that has the slot broken down into 3 sections.

Would it be a good idea to stick some foam in a section of the slot, say a third of it, to lower the tuning some? The stock tuning is 19hz? So if I stuck some foam in a third of it it'd bring it down 3hz? :scratch:
1 - 9 of 158 Posts
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