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Treyarch's Cold War-era shooter proving as popular as projected, claims studio's community manager; PS3 and PC figures not announced.

Last night at midnight, Call of Duty: Black Ops hit shelves across the globe. Countless gamers took to the night to pick up a copy of the game projected to sell over 18 million units. And according to a claim made by Treyarch, as of 1 a.m. Pacific Time, over 1 million gamers were logged onto the title…just on Xbox Live.

According to a 1 a.m. Tweet from Treyarch's community manager Josh Olin, Black Ops went platinum in just its first few hours of availability.

How many "sick" days will be called in today?

"Am I getting solid intel? Is [sic] there really almost 1,000,000 players on Xbox LIVE right now?? #CODBlackOps #Launch," he wrote on the social networking site.

Olin did not provide statistics regarding the PlayStation 3 or PC versions of the game.

Black Ops' single-player campaign follows a group of US commandos undertaking various high-risk covert operations in various Cold War theaters, including Vietnam, Cuba, and Russia. The game features a star-studded voice-acting cast and a soundtrack composed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Sean Murray. It will also see the return of the much-loved zombie mode from Call of Duty: World at War.
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