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Black Widow Help Wanted: It's chunky!

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Hi folks.

I've been reading lots of advice here and I'm trying to make my own 100" Black Widow Ultra screen.

I've just finished mixing the paints and the result is... chunky! There are little chunks all through it, maybe 1-3mm in diameter. (I'd add pictures but... first post.) If I pull a chunk out and squash it, it releases a darker grey than the rest of the paint, so I'm assuming it's the aluminium not having mixed through properly? I read a warning about bubbles somewhere else, but these are definitely semi-solid chunks of pigment, not air bubbles.

Has anyone seen this before? Know the cause? Can suggest a solution? My current thinking is to go at it with a whisk for a good 10 minutes, but if I've done something majorly wrong and should just be starting again, I'd like to know now. I gave the AAA a lot of shaking before pouring it in. And because I've only used 1/4 of the bottle, now I'm also half worried that if the AAA wasn't mixed maybe my BW mix won't be the right ratio.

The base is Dulux Wash & Wear and I've got the AAA 4100 Fine.
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I'll try to add some pictures of what's going on...





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Well...sounds like a problem for Harpmaker (deceased), or maybe Mechman (banned).

So unless there is another real expert here (not looking good), you might be on your own.

I would look here for advice/info: https://www.avsforum.com/forum/110-diy-screen-section/
Possibly not shaken enough before using OR the paint is old and dried bits combined with still-wet paint during shaking. This type of paint may require agitation in a shaking machine before use? If there is real aluminum powder in the paint, and it had settled to the bottom over time and it is stirred rather than put in a shaking machine, you could get lumps like that.
Or maybe it was subjected to very cold temps. That is what it looks like when it gets frozen.
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