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Hi all

I read a lot about the BW Paint Mix and it's components which are available in Europe/Switzerland. Thanks for all the helpful advises in the other posts!

I'm still struggling with the base color i should use. A lot of postings - not only in this forum - recommend colors from Caparol. Fortunately, we have a Caparol shop next to me.

Possible colors i think could work:

The Granit colors are interesting, since they contain black and white only, without any other colors in the mix.

My Setup:
  • Beamer: Epson TW-6100 mounted on the ceiling
  • Room size: 9m2
  • Seating distance: 3m
  • Screen size: 90" (2m wide, directly on the wall - white plaster)

The room has two windows, so it wouldn't be completely dark unless in the night. But we prefer to watch movies during evening / nighttime anyway.

What do you think? Which base would work best for me?

Thanks for any help.

Cheers, Schänk

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I have tested both Caparol Grau 20 and 15 and they are quite neutral. I would suggest to use them before proceeding to mix it up for BW.
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