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Hi guys,

I've seen some fellow aussie's post here just looking for some up to date information.

I've got a Panasonic 1080p 2800 lumens projector and want to paint a wall best suited for xbox 360 game play and the odd movie.

I'll post up some pics when I get home. Screensize will be approx 120" and their is a fair bit on ambient light. However I've ordered some plantation shutters that will fix most of that for daytime usage.

I've read about the Black Widow paint and I've sort of worked out what paint I need however I'm a little confused as the the 4101 auto air base which I can get from here http://www.airbrushwarehouse.com.au/4101-autoair-fine-aluminium-base.html. Assuming it will be the new version can any fellow aussie's help me with what base paint I need to get for the new version if the AAA?

I've read this would be a good base paint?

I also have a wagner electric spray gun so I'll be doing to research on how to apply.

Hoping someone can help with the base paint and if they recommend I get the AAA from another place?

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