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Ok, ok... I've become a big slacker on our blog at www.JamSessionLounge.com. Over 5500 hits a month but with just 1 writer (ME!) there wasn't enough time to work and do the research and contact interviews for the blog everyday so I had to stop!

Turns out we need some creative Volunteers to help us keep up with entries while I handle the business side of things at www.CalliopeEpic.com!

SO, if you'd like to show off your CREATIVE WRITING SKILLS and love music and the music industry, we're looking for writing volunteers to submit 1-4 music-related blog entries per month in the following areas:

- Artist interviews/Q&A
- Album reviews
- Concert/Music Fest Reviews (venue reviews)
- Music-related Commentary
- Amateur concert photography (2-4 pix per concert, per entry)
- Reviews or info on music equipment & products, apps, etc
- Music related advice (engineering, tips for touring, etc)
- Short stories related to music or concert experiences
- Other music related entries (creative ideas welcome! :)

Positive, informative, short blog entries from people who really enjoy writing and have ideas/access to information.

Ideally 4-5 volunteers who would submit 1 entry per week.

You choose what you'd like to submit to us, and although we may edit content a bit, you'll be given credit for your submissions. YES, you can promote your music related businesses within the entries! :)

If any of you are interested, let me know and I'll let them know. I'm pretty much in. We just need a few more :).

Can't pass up free backlinks guys!
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I would like to help out some , i have alot of concert and sound experience . My old problem is i am getting over a long illness . That illness , limited my time to be sitting at my computer . But i would really like to try to do some postings for you . Like i said , i do have a lot of experience , probably more then enough to write a book . But once again , i am better but i do have days when , i still have to rest, alot . Luke
Still looking for writers? Can this be a collaboration? I write on my site but would gladly submit my posts for you if you like my content.
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