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blue whipping around like a snake with its head cut

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46f510 I still have inward bows and compression of crossthatch lines on all three colors. when i try to stretch the blue out to the corners, the opposite corner starts whipping around. should i go ahead and buy knew chips? is this what it sounds like. my chips are new but they are not from one of the preferred dealers. my thritiness has probably shot me in the foot again. thanks for any thoughts.

i can't find convergence point in the manual either. magic focus will not initialize either(overflow)
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Are you adjusting it in service mode? Sounds like "S-distortion" to me(there's bold text about this in service manual). The trick is to adjust it in 5x7 mode(press 0 five times to go into this mode) to fix it, then fine tune in 7x13 mode. Read the service manual on "digital covergence adjustment" carefully.

I don't think you need new chips. Start from service mode adjustment.
I believe you told me before that i had to be sure low ohm resisters were right and the only ones that didn't match color codes were small ones that were half the value., does this sound right and would a bad resistor be higher. I didn't follow schematics to make sure the half valuled were parraleled with another. thanks also any idea on how to stretch the inward bows out? if the coarse adjustment doesn't do it.
ps i have been doing it in the blue button service mode, but with the overflow message it wipes it off whenever i get tired or become worried about burn in
If you measure the resistance on board, the six low ohm resistors(something lik RK42, one for each color and one for each vertical/horizontal so 3x2=6 ) should read about the same value as color code. Other resistors(will they fail?) I don't know. Anyway if a onboard resistance is more than color code, it's a sure thing that the resistor is bad.

Assume your hardware is ok, read the following post for service mode adjustment.
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