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bobgenie's bits

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Hitachi 42PD6600
Denon AVR3806
Denon DVD3910
Humax 9500

MF A308 Pre Amp
MF A308 Power Amp
MF Nu-Vista 3D CD Player

Dynaudio Facettes (fronts)
Kef 200C (centre)
IAS Brockenhurst (rears)
SVS PB12 x 2 (subs)
Chord Signature Interconnects
Black Rhodium Concerto Interconnects

Room EQ Wizard
Creative Labs 24 bit External Soundcard
Radio Shack Digital SPL Meter

Dual Xeon Media Centre

Audiophile Starbase Rack
Granite Bases
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We have a lot in common :R

Both Denon units, a BFD, and two SVS subs!

I wonder now if I should go ahead and try to sell my 3910 before the bottom falls out. Maybe pick up something cheap until I figure out what HD DVD player route I'm gonna go.
I won't be selling my 3910. Think it's a cracking player and would have to go a long way to better it :T

Just bought some Musical Fidelity stuff and think the music is going to be top dog in my house for a while :)
You gonna pass on an HD player for now? That's my main concern... are the SD players gonna drop in value once the HD players take off. I can't see the need for two players.
Way I see it this is a pretty good player anyway. It's going to be sometime before HD takes off properly and i don't want to be betamax man again :laugh: There'll still be loads of DVD titles for years and if I wanna improve I'll get a high end upscaler :T
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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