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bright dvd input causes tv to freeze

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Hi, I have a new onkyo 806 and plasma Pana tv that has only given me problems when I view dvd's and in so doing, when the picture has an extremely bright picture presented on-screen, such as a snow covered field, the tv displays a blank blue screen with the input box (receiver shown, which is the input channel) for several seconds, perhaps 10-15s, until it regains the input signal from the dvd. In the meantime, the sound continues as if no problem.

I have looked at both manuals, checked settings, and tried changing numerous settings with no change. Perhaps someone can help? It is very frustrating watching this.:gah:
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I'll try connecting the dvd direct to the tv while playing the content and see if the receiver introduces the problem and update the thread...
Success! :jump:
Direct connection from dvd to tv thru component cables resulted in a picture during what had previously 'blanked' out, and the picture is MUCH improved. I recommend checking your system to see if your receiver is reducing picture quality (I mistakenly thought the picture was excellent before the direct connection)
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