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LEt me start with a little preface.

I'm an Audio producer up in Quebec with a project studio that was built into a spare room of my house. At the moment (since we are awaiting funding approval) we will remain here for a little while and do not have the means to actually built a more permanent room with a room frame that would allow us to fine tune the room at the same time.

But here's the thing, there's a new plugin out there in AAX/VST/AU format that would make the task of finely tuning a room for Audio works possible if REW would allow for a higher spectrum analysis of the room up to the 20Khz

This is not a post for pluging the plugin:nerd:

It's just to show what's now possible to do with this plugin for those of us who are working in the audio

The plugin is called GEQ from Waves. If you place it at the end of your stereo Master bus, you can effectively correct your room to have a flat response in the mixing position in stereo, and when you're ready to print the mix you bypass the Plugin so that the EQ does not affect the mix.


There's two option for this plugin, the normal mode which is the normal way a Graphic equalizer would work and there's a new mode that is basically perfect to calibrate a room which is called the Modern mode

Here's what they say it does

GEQ Modern components utilize special Flat-Top filters which eliminate the artifacts associated with band interaction, and provide perfect plateau and stair-stepped responses. Set band gains one-by-one, or draw your curve via touch-screen or mouse.

So if REW were to be updated so it could analyze and give you back the needed correction point for this Plugin it would make the use of GEQ and REW the perfect tuning tools for small studios that cannot pay 200k to fine tune a room and you guys pretty much the new genius of the audio industry :yikes::D:spend:
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