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Hey, Im Brock. Im 18, have been into home theater systems since I was 9. I love researching and learning more about this art. I am currently newish to the market on buying stuff, since I am 18 not much buying power, but I feel I have made smart investments with my System so far.

I started out on a really old reciever, I got it when i was 11. I dont even remember the make of it or the speakers I had. At the age 13 I saved 200$ and bought a KLH R5100 and a cheap satillite speakers set. My parents gave me some Sony bookshelf speakers that i used for my fronts. When I turned 14 or so, my parents got me a set of Sony SS-M400H's that I used as my fronts and made the bookshelf speakers my rear's. The same year at Costco I found a KLH E-12DBN for 100$, and swapped out my old KLH BassbiteV for the new one. When I turned 16 or so I saw a great deal at Frys and picked up a Polk Audio CSi25 for 80$. Last year, my dad gave me his old Yamaha RX-V480 and said to use it instead of my KLH. Than earlier this year I got a pair of Polk Audio R50's for 120$ for the pair, and 10$ extra for blowout protection.

Whichs gives me my current set-up for my main HT is:

1x Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Receiver RX-V480 (Receiver)
1x Mitsubishi VS-4551 (TV)
1x Polk Audio CSi25 (Center Speaker)
2x Polk Audio R50 (Tower Speakers)
2x Sony Bookshelf Speakers (Surround Speakers)
1x KLH E-12DBN (Subwoofer)
Acoustic Research 18 ga. Performance Series Speaker Wire

And I feel its a great system for my age. And will continue upgrading til im satisfied with it. And looking for invest into a Dedicated Home Theater room when I move into a house.

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