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Broken Lamp Inter Lock Switch

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I have a Samsung HLN4365W. When I was replacing my color wheel I broke the lamp inter lock switch on the back of the set.

I have searched all over and find any where to buy a new switch. Does anyone have any idea where I can get a new one?

Thanks for your help,

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Samsungparts.com or Encompass.
How do find the part number? I searched both sites and can't find the switch.
You could try calling them or get the service manual.
I'm running into nothing but road blocks. I called local repair stores and none would/could help. I've since called Samsung Parts direct and they tell me they don't think is a part offered for sale (still waiting on a call back).

Is the service manual free or do you have to pay for it? At this point I'm not sure it would directly with this issue.

Samsung said the part was called a "Detector Switch". I have searched for that with no luck.

I'm not going o be happy if a $10 switch which can be replaced in two minutes ruins my television. Very frustrated at this point!
this is the switch that tells the tv that the back lamp door is closed. I think i saw one on ebay.
is this what you are talking about?


for some reason the link isnt showing up. but its ebay Item number: 320413501132 does that look like what you need? it has the part number on the listing if its the same
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