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Bruce's Integrated Music and HT System in the Family GreatRoom

Music System Comnponents:

Amplifier: Parasound 1205A 5 Channel amp (200wpc @4 Ohms)

Preamplifier: Proceed AVP2

Audio Sources:

  • Parasound 1500-C 5 Disc CD player
  • Technics SL-D2 Turntable with Grado Blue and Radio Shack phono preamp

Speakers: Main L&R are Dynaudio Contour 2.8 towers.

-These are 2-way systems with the Confidence series tweeter and a 20cm (7.8 in) passive radiator to go with a 20cm (7.8 in) mid-bass driver, and are rated -3dB to 32Hz

Integrated Video/HT System:

TV: Sony 1080P LCD 40"

Amplifier: Parasound 1205A 5 Channel amp (200wpc @4 Ohms)

Processor: Proceed AVP2

Other Speakers (Center, Surrounds, Sub):

  • Center is the Dynaudio Contour center
  • Surrounds are Dynaudio Contour 1.1 mini-monitors.
  • Subwoofer is an M&K MX-700 powered sub.

Video Sources:
  • Toshiba 3108 DVD player
  • Toshiba HD-DVD player
  • Comcast cable
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