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While in college I dropped some "big money" ($500) at the time and got a 5.1 system off craiglist consisting of 4 Polk RM2300, the matching center RM2600, and the PSW250 sub. I forget what receiver I had but I now have a refurb Sherwood Newcastle R-972 that I got from slickdeals or woot.

Now that I'm all grown up, and doing a den renovation I figured I'd try and upgrade the system. The problem is I don't really know the quality of my existing setup and I don't want to spend money on something and not notice a significant difference. I also don't want to break the bank (since that's the job of the den renovation).

The full open room is 14 x 19 but due to stairs, and the positioning of a door into another space the TV area is approx. 14 x 14. We use the space exclusively for TV / Movies. The left front speaker is too close to the stairs for a floor standing speaker so I've got it wall mounted so I need to use small-ish bookshelf speakers. It goes stairs, speaker, door, TV. Stairs, door, speaker TV wouldn't give any distance between TV & stereo speakers.

I've read loads of good reviews for the Micca MB42x bookshelf speakers as the go to budget small-ish bookshelf and my thought is the RM2300 / RM2600 are the weakest part of my setup. I'm on the fence about upgrading the sub and was considering going to a 12" with the PSW505 or BIC F12 to get a deeper base than my 10" can provide. Will I notice a significant difference with either of these choices (Micca and/or Sub upgrade)? Which will contribute more to the difference?

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