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Building Custom Subwoofers!!!!

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i am thinking of building a custom subwoofer using a mmats pro audio 12" subwoofer. It is called the procast or p3.0...

It is dual 4 ohm voice coil. I am trying to sell them but not having any luck so i was thinking of building boxes for them.

i Don't know what i should use for amplifiers... Any suggestions would be great. 500watts and up can be handled by these beasts.. here are the specs.. If i sell these i'm looking at a sunfire sub or a klipsch rw-12d

P3.0 12

Voice Coil (Ohms) 2 x 4
Fs (Hz.) 26
Vas (Liters) 84.0
Qts . .18
SPL (1W/1M) 92db
Power (Wrms) 750
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Re: Building Custom subwoofers!!!!

Welcome to the forum.

You will probably get more responses if you post your questions here.
Re: Building Custom subwoofers!!!!

Welcome to the forum.

You will probably get more responses if you post your questions here.
Though I did not check your Link, I am guessing it is here where the best discussion pertaining to DIY Subwoofers lies.
yes i was planning of using these for home theater
You'll need to find out what the Xmax is for this sub, without it only assumptions can be made when trying to model it. Try contacting the manufacturer, maybe you can get the expanded T/S parameters for this sub. From the parameters given it models to 2.5 cu.ft tuned to 21 hz. Xmax will determine the required power input and hi-pass filter as well as the SPL capabilities.
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thanks. i already sent out a email to him for specs and to see about reconing them to a single 4ohm vc
When I first saw the "professional" audio when I did a search I thought this was pro audio drivers as in PA applications. I now realize this is car audio drivers. It'll be easier to figure out the modeling since car audio will have more Xmax then pro audio.

Since there are D2 4 ohm, both can be wired together for a 4 ohm load.

From your first post I assume you have a pair of these subs. Did you want 2 separate enclosures or one enclosure with both drivers?
i want seperate enclosures... I am just not sure what to get for amplifiers.. i might send them out to get single vioce coils put in.. Depends on what i need for amps...
If you can get the Xmax figure we can proceed. As for an amp, wiring the subs for a 4 ohm load would require one amp like an EP1500 which can be bridged for a 4 ohm load and driver both subs.
so the xmax you mean the box dimensions and ports right? give me some more info on the ep1500 and some other options.. as far as a single amp..

I am running a onkyo tx-sr805 reciever and celestion satallite speakers.. I hope to upgrade the speakers this year but more towards next.

I appreciate the help you are giving me.. would save me from buying a sub. and i like building sub boxes..

i usually coat the inside with fiberglass and brace all the sides along with a double face plate.. i will get the box dimensions tomorrow..
Xmax is the cone excursion spec, once we get that we can model the subs and see how big of an amp you'll need.
i did find a couple of EP1500's.. If they work then i will buy them.. will they run one sub? this home audio is confusing.. been in car audio for 12 yrs. got that figured out
We'll figure out the amps after we know what the subs will need. I found the specs for the Procast series but not the 3.0 series. In your first post you stated ""It is called the procast or p3.0..."", you need to determine what exactly it is you have.

It is under procast 12. The p 3.0 is the same thing. Xmax is 15
Each sub in 3 cu.ft. net volume tuned to 21 hz looks good.
It will need a slot port 2" high x 9" wide and 33" long.
Wire each sub in parallel for a 2 ohm load each, then together in series for a 4 ohm load.
One EP1500 bridged will power both.
You'll need a hi-pass filter at 20 hz to protect from over excursion, like the Reckhorn B2:


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In your honest opinion is this the best way to go.. i know what these are capable of and everything looks very good as far as dimensions and so on. I just want a honest opinion.. I know these aren't meant for home but i have them and i want to use them... i have heard of a guy that i knew that used them and said it was insane.. he was one of these home audio nuts..

This seems to me like it would be a better way to go than the klipsch rw-12d. or something that is built from one of these kinds of companys..
I know these aren't meant for home
That's a misconception, it all depends on how the driver models in a cabinet designed for HT. These model quite well. Lots of car audio subs do well in HT.

I wouldn't hesitate building these if I had the subs, one of these subs will out perform the RW-12d in low end output for HT, let alone two.
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