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Hi guys, my names mark and I've recently discovered this scene and am really interested. So i want to get started and here is my situation.

I've got perhaps and odd question. whilst rummaging through a bunch of old stuff I found something that i thought may be useful. I found the amp out of my old set of Logitech X540's. So being very new to the DIY speaker/sub scene I thought it could be of use. I'm wanting to build a 5.1 system for my PC for movies and music. and seeing as the amp is right there it would be a good opportunity to start my first build. But I'm unsure weather it could be used. So I'm wondering if it would be up to the task.

I've attached some pictures of it below. and if it is useable, what would you guys suggest. I tried to find some kind of schematic for it but i couldn't. although in one post a person had linked the schematic but the link was dead. he referred to the amp as a "SAT540" if that's any help.

Also sorry in advance if this is the wrong section to post this in, but it seemed right.

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