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BW and Dark Spots

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Hey guys Ive been posting in here lately about getting my screen sprayed with BW...Well it's finally done!!! I'm very please with it but I have a couple concernes.....
1. there is a "texture" to the surface that was painted?? is this normal??? it's not huge like a topographical map or anything...but there is a "grain" like texture to it....like a real course sandpaper....

2. there are two distinct "dark spots" on the surface of the screen about the size of your hand... I asssume that either the BW layed down a bit thicker in these areas OR it layed down differently...My question is this....Can I go back with some fine girt sandpaper to try and take these areas down a bit and make it more uniform??? is this something that you guys have experience with?? is it advisable to go back over the entire surface area (not just the dark spots) to smooth out the texture that I was refering to in question 1???

Thanks in advance....and thanks to everyone for guidance in making this happen......Riff :bigsmile:
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My guess is smudge. On my rolled panels and on muzz's panels (rolled), we really had to generate some heat rubbing them to get them to smudge. But Harp's sprayed screens always smudged easily. I couldn't tell you why that is though. But for something like that to happen and stay through successive coats, it's got to be a smudge or a hand print. Did he back roll it?

Also, this is just out of curiosity - you don't have to answer this if you don't want to, what did he/they charge?

If you have them re-do it I'd suggest sticking around and watching. It doesn't take long for each coat to dry. 15 minutes sound about right Harp?
Sanding will most undoubtedly smudge it. From my experience with the rolled panels it was the heat generated by rubbing them with my fingers that caused smudging. Regardless I think you'll be looking for a new paint job. :thumbsdown:
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