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In the Mic/Meter setup, I have unchecked the "C Weighted SPL Meter Type and entered the Shack's cal file as the"Cal File". Is this correct?
This checkbox has no effect on imported text files. The C-Weight box and/or meter calibration files are applied to the impulse response of a normal REW measurement to produce the frequency response graph.

When importing the data file, a popup asks "Apply C-weighting compensation to the data?". Is the correct response yes or no?
There is a small error problem when you enter raw data into REW (such as you're doing). If you took the readings with a C-Weighted meter (such as the Radio Shack meter), then you would have to say Yes to the question asked, because you want to undo the C-Weighting that the meter applied and end with a flat mic response. The small error you're going to experience is that the Radio Shack meter (like most others) doesn't track the C-Weight curve all that well at low frequencies (hence the reason we use meter calibration files when using REW the normal way). So, your results won't be as accurate as someone who used REW conventionally.

The way around it is to apply the corrections manually before you import the data into REW and answer No to the question.

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