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I calibrated the RME BabyFace Pro sending on Ch1 input a logarithmic sweep (volume: -12dB) generated via Room Eq Wizard at the BF PRO output (loopback sweep). I experiment instabilities (+1.4 dB to -43 dB for 20 Hz to 20 kHz) for a buffer size of 32K (sample rate: 48 KHz).
The mic input is not monitored. The input gain and output volume of the BF Pro are set correctly in order to avoid clipping or distortions.

If the buffer size is set to 16K, the calibration works perfectly.

What could be the problem related to the buffer size ? RME ? REW ?

Many thanks.

PS: Mac OS 10.12 Sierra, last RME drivers, REW V5, 17 Beta 14
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