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Calling Little Mike - New house and need to WRECK IT!!!

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Just bought a new home and am looking for advice on which of Little Mike's horn sub designs might be the ticket for my theater. Spent my younger years installing high-end audio systems back in the late 80's. Had the opportunity to work with some great audio guys, one who designed the first car audio computer based sub design program I saw. While the guys down the street( the "boom and sizzle crew" as we called them) were working diligently to see how many Fosgate 15's they could jam into a minivan, we were building subs using computer modeling based on the measurements from that car's acoustics. Long story short, I became a big fan of a nice bass response. I had a pair of sealed subs(Revel B15A's) in a past system, and as bad *** as that was at the time, I thought they could have used a little more in the 50-80 hz region.

My room will be an enclosed dedicated theater with a double door entry. It's roughly 17' wide, 20' deep with 10' ceilings. I'll be running a mid-upper level Yamaha AVR. Looking hard at diysoundgroup's HTM-12's for L,C,R duty and maybe their coax 10's as surrounds. Everything I've read has me leaning toward front and rear horns with maybe 12" or 15" drivers, or a single big 18" horn for the whole room. Not looking to set off the Richter scale earthquake alert, but do want to fill the room. My family are actually a bunch of sissy's when it comes to BIG sound, so I enjoy certain shows/movies when they're out and about.

Looking for recommendations on which WRECKER might fit my needs along with current driver options. Don't mind spending a few more bucks on an upgrade driver if it buys more than brand whore bragging rights. Looking for solid response up to 80 or so, and would probably give up a little on the low end if I had to.

Thanks for any feedback in advance, and a special thanks to Little Mike for his years of commitment to us table saw warriors who'd be lost, or building the same old sealed or ported subs, without his technical guidance.

Frisco, TX
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After more reading and thinking, I'm leaning more toward the LilWrecker. Just makes sense to me because home theater is supposed to go low, and I'll be able to enjoy the additional extension on the low end more frequently than the max output of the MicroWrecker. If that's not a good enough reason, then how about everything's bigger in Texas ;). Came across a pair of Alpine SWS-15D4's and a Yamaha XP2500 amplifier. Going to run the coils in series for 8 ohm mono and keep the other driver for Wrecker #2, or backup. Amp does 600 watts RMS from 20-20k @ 8 ohms mono, which should be good for a single unit. It does have a switch for a 20 hz/12db HPF, but I'll probably use a minidsp I already have for a 16-18 hz/24db HPF and equalization instead.
We are on our second house. We moved in almost 2 months ago and started doing projects. A bathroom remodel has turned into a total sewer line replacement which also meant we had to rip out our bedroom floor. So we're living in a smaller bedroom until the bathroom is done and we can put back together the master Kodi nox bedroom.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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