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Does anyone have experience with this software?

It sounds like a good software for beginner to novice. It sells for the price of a professional Calibration from BestBuy.

But, I can also calibrate my PCs and laptops.

I am planning on purchasing the Samsung 67" LED DLP RPTV and wnat to use this to Calibrate.

I have read about the THX DVDs, and would like to know

How much better calibration is this CalMan than the THX dvds?

Thank you

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Thanks for the information.

The Calman software I found came with a EyeOne Display 2 for $279.00.
The EyeOne Display 2 / CalMAN kit contains:

The EyeOne Display 2 Colorimeter (retail box)
A counterweight
An ambient diffuser
A Quick-Start Guide
Our CalMAN video calibration software on CD

It's not the pro version, but, theres not much I need in the pro version that they pulled out.

The CalMAN Standard License gives you access to all features except those that a Professional Calibrator would require such as:

Support for 31+ meters instead of one meter or one class of meters
Support for every pattern generator in existence
Maintain customer contact information in customer database
Custom report design with custom company logos, customer information, etc.
Customer fields in layouts and reports
Display fields in layouts and reports
Setup fields in layouts and reports
RGB gating or channel control option for pattern generators
Extended meter support
High end test pattern generator support

I asked a few co-workers that own DLP sets if they calibrated, and they used the DVE, but, said it was not very user friendly.
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