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I am in a bit of a rush and would like to use some stuff I have around.
It is a ported sub
tuning frequency - 19hz
driver - Mach 5 - MJ18m
inside dimensions - 29.5 wide x 24.5 high x 30.5 deep
total volume - 12.757 cu.ft.
driver and braces - .35 cu.ft
port volume - .08 cu. ft.

box volume for WinIsd calc. - 12.31 cu.ft.

Can I use 2 - 3 inch ports of length 6.4 inches?

That is what I have around and the size is not unwieldy. 2 - 6 inch ports are too long. I don't have any 4 inch or 8 inch tubing around.

Would I be making a big boo boo? If so please explain, is it chuffing? :duh:

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Using such small ports will result in multiple issues:

Not only will port noise such as chuffing be audible at moderate output, but you will be severely limiting subwoofer low end performance because of port compression. Such small ports will result in significant impedance of airflow which will cause minimized output.
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