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I know nothing about audio, wifi, av etc. I am trying to help my parents sell some equipment. But I am not sure where to sell or how to price. I checked audiogon, the web and specific sites like ebay but I am not sure if I should just list on Facebook marketplace or go with more specialty site. What would you recommend? Also, any idea on pricing? I cannot find two of the items (receiver and vega speakers) to even get a general range for pricing them. I appreciate any assistance!
1 - Sony 300 CD Changer, CX 355. (There seems to be a lot of these on ebay so I am thinking $75?). Remote and manual.
2 - Yamaha AMP receiver HTR (or HR?) 5990 with speakers and remote. I think manual too
3 - Two Cerwin Vega Speakers e-208 (I thought I saw a price of $142/pair? only used a few times.)

hope that helps. And I hope this is the right place to post. I didn’t know which category. Thanks!!!
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