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then my next question would be , which of the three choices would you pick considering accuracy, build quality, etc. behringer ECM 8000, nady CM100, or the DBX RTA-M for use with the REW software.
Get in touch with Herb at Cross Spectrum for an answer to that, but it’s hard to beat the ECM8000 or EMM6 for bang for the calibrated buck. But as AudiocRaver noted, you really only require a calibrated mic if you’re in need of dead-accurate frequency response measurements. It sounds from your opening post like you’re mainly interested in acoustical measurements for the purpose of adding treatments. For that, dead-on accuracy isn’t required. This post tells how to create a calibration file for REW using a published frequency response graph.

another question, would it be better to put bass traps floor to ceiling with no space between them or center them , space them, or have space at the top or bottom ? Say for example that each trap was 23" tall.
That's a question best asked at our Acoustics Forum.

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