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I have had this L32WD12 laying around for quit awhile now and finally found the board I was needing. The old board would tweak out when connected HDMI, so I took the TV apart and found that the board was covered in electronic blood as I would call it. Something popped, couldn't really tell what, but anyhow the board was apparently bad. Well it has been 6 months, and I finally found a board on eBay, but it is out of a L26WD12 I think. Only difference is, the one I found is missing a coil. I think mine has two. So my question is, could I just take the coil off my old board and put it on the new board? Noticed the board for the 32" has two coils, and the 26" only has one? Why might that be? Could I add one to the 26" board to make it work in my 32"?
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