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Cannot See my Output Channels when Using ASIO

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Just loaded REW (v. 5.20.13) - haven't used REW in a handful of years so starting from scratch, and also loaded the May 23, 2017 version of ASIO4ALL v2 (saw that recommended somewhere...). Walked through the steps to get my computer set up to run this stuff (Windows 10 machine) and all of that went fine. Like getting back on a bike after a while of not riding - it's all coming back to me.

Fired up REW and went into Preferences to select the usual settings for ASIO and all that looked like it was going fine but for some reason when I get to the point where I am selecting an output, I see only "1: Not connected 1" and 2: Not connected 2". In the ASIO control panel I do see where the internal connections show the Umik-1 and not my laptop's internal sound/mic so I know that's ok.

I remember seeing all of my available channels including the sub in my 5.1 setup when I did this years ago and I know I am supposed to see it this time, but I do not. I've tried rebooting, unplugging ad plugging back in the Umik-1 and the HDMI connection, nothing.

Any ideas as to why I can't see my outputs? Should I be using only the "latest" version of ASIO?
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No, you should be using the latest version of JAVA. Much easier.
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