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Hello. I am still in the planning stage for my theater.

I'm working within a budget, so I have to stay within certain monetary limits for each component of the theater.

I have been looking for a raw 12" woofer to use as a passive subwoofer for my home theater setup. I used speakerboxlite to model virtual enclosures for over two dozen 'house speaker' woofers sold on various sites. For the money I can afford to spend, none of them really impressed me.

Then I came across the Pioneer TS-A300D4. It's a car audio woofer, but it's DVC, so I can wire it to am 8-ohm load (which is good for my Insignia 100w x 2 amp). From what I see in my modeling program, the Pioneer should really give me the lows that I need. In a 5 cubic foot box, it will play down to 18Hz, in addition to giving a nice +3dB bump at 33Hz. However, it seems like it's not very efficient. The Pioneer sheet lists it at 77dB at 1w/M. My idea is to run two of these subs, in separate enclosures, each powered by a 100w channel on my Insignia receiver.

Do you think the woofer(s) will perform well in a home environment? Or is there something different about the way signal flows from a home amplifier vs.a 12V DC amp.... which would make the woofer excel in a mobile environment , but turn it into a dog in the home?
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