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Hello! I have built a bar/mancave underneath my house, ~ 600 sq ft, 8' ceilings. During the construction I wired for 6 in-ceiling speaker locations (plus 4 more in an adjacent wood shop I built), plus wired for positioning sub-woofers. This is not exactly "home theater" . . . . let's be honest - this is a bar for entertaining my buddies . .. having great music is the objective; would like decent performance for when it's just me lounging and listening :cool: . I have been reading up on various in-ceiling speaker solutions as well as subwoofers. To say the least, it has been confusing. I have found very few listening locations where I could actually A-B different speakers.

SO - I thought I'd see if I might reach any kind of consensus from folks who have systems with in-ceiling speakers as the main element. As I have 10 speakers to buy, I have been trying to keep the price per speaker below $250 (willing to buy via eBay vs. retail). Also have 2 subwoofers to buy.

Given the above, what would be your pick fror:
1. In-ceiling speakers
2. subwoofers

Thanks for your suggestions
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