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Hey guys.

I'm looking at a center speaker to upgrade from my polk audio csia6.
I'm from New Zealand so options over here are limiting.
i see suggestions from forums like these however many of those options are not available anywhere or I am unable to find them.
I also have polk audio rtia7 towers. Rta1 bookshelves. Definitive technology di 5.5r as my in ceiling speakers. svs pb 1000 pro subwoofer.

The one option I have found is the svs prime center and this is the price range I'm looking for. Retail price is 999 nzd

Room dimensions for my future home theater is 4.2 meters long exterior dimension. And 3.6 meter internal width dimension excluding any interior lining. And 2.7 meters high internal excluding lining aswell.

I would like to stick with the same brand for the towers and bookshelves.

My viewing habits are primarily movies and TV series with a small amount of gaming.

The one thing I do not enjoy is the harshness that I've experienced in some cinemas.

Two retailers that I can shop are raplallo and soundhub.

My receiver I will be using is a yamaha rxv 2085.

Many thanks.
I use a svs prime center in my lounge with matching L&R bookcase speakers, I used to own rapalloav. The sound isnt shrill its quite warm and better than most, however its not going to intergrate well with different brand L&R like you have. In my HT I have PSA speakers and thay are heaps better yet not available in NZ.
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