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Chane 3.2 Home Theater System Review Discussion Thread

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Craig Chase and Jon Lane are long time friends of the Home Theater Shack, and have been working hard to release new and updated HT and Hi-Fi products under their new brand, Chane Music & Cinema. Among those are the Theater Ten monitor and SBE-118 sealed 18" subwoofer. These models are geared toward providing low-distortion, and high output from even modest home theater receivers at a relatively low cost. The Theater Ten is a somewhat unique combination of pro monitor design and aesthetics and high fidelity home audio sound quality. The passive SBE-118 takes advantage of the huge 18" driver in a relatively compact sealed cabinet. As reviewed, this 3.2 system retails for $2400 and has the potential to be an incredible value in home theater performance.

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Thanks Peter for a great review.

I've always been hesitant about horn loaded tweeters, and especially horn-loaded compression drivers. No question they have the dynamic capability and punch to knock your socks off, making them great for movie soundtracks. However, I've assumed that they would not be a great choice for a system that will also play a good deal of two-channel music.

Well, I'm starting to soften a bit on this viewpoint given the various reports. This review and the report from the RMAF crew on the Seaton speakers being the most recent examples. I guess I really need to hear a pair some time.

Edit: Oh, and that scene in Open Range is really amazing. Does anyone know if that has that been release on blu ray? When I watched that scene it was on DVD, and there was no need to complain about the sound. Just wondering if it has received the lossless audio treatment.
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