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Chane 3.2 Home Theater System Review Discussion Thread

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Craig Chase and Jon Lane are long time friends of the Home Theater Shack, and have been working hard to release new and updated HT and Hi-Fi products under their new brand, Chane Music & Cinema. Among those are the Theater Ten monitor and SBE-118 sealed 18" subwoofer. These models are geared toward providing low-distortion, and high output from even modest home theater receivers at a relatively low cost. The Theater Ten is a somewhat unique combination of pro monitor design and aesthetics and high fidelity home audio sound quality. The passive SBE-118 takes advantage of the huge 18" driver in a relatively compact sealed cabinet. As reviewed, this 3.2 system retails for $2400 and has the potential to be an incredible value in home theater performance.

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Guys - Look for some specials (and a reminder that some of our products have been at special pricing) as we get closer to Black Friday.

We will also be allowing these specials to be paid for through PayPal. :T
Home Theater Shack will be the exclusive home to the specials we are going to be running. My direct toll free line is 800-664-9485. Office hours are 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. If I am out, please leave a message with one of the ladies that answers the phone (YES, it's a real live person answering) and I Will get back to you.

As a teaser - we just got in 100 of the MQ-600 amps. This is the BEST subwoofer amp I have ever heard. It's rated at 900 watts RMS x 2 channels, and that's a "let's rumble at this power for 2 straight hours and not break a sweat". For 3 second peaks, it will deliver 2000 watts x 2, and is the most visceral bass amp I have yet to experience.

One of these amps will drive FOUR of the SBE-118's easily - and it's also a tremendous amp for the DIYer - put this guy on a pair of some of the "uber throw" 18's in the world of DIY, and you will be smiling.

This amp normally sells for $600 at OUR low pricing - but this order of 100 will be selling for $450 each.
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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