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Chane 3.2 Home Theater System Review Discussion Thread

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Craig Chase and Jon Lane are long time friends of the Home Theater Shack, and have been working hard to release new and updated HT and Hi-Fi products under their new brand, Chane Music & Cinema. Among those are the Theater Ten monitor and SBE-118 sealed 18" subwoofer. These models are geared toward providing low-distortion, and high output from even modest home theater receivers at a relatively low cost. The Theater Ten is a somewhat unique combination of pro monitor design and aesthetics and high fidelity home audio sound quality. The passive SBE-118 takes advantage of the huge 18" driver in a relatively compact sealed cabinet. As reviewed, this 3.2 system retails for $2400 and has the potential to be an incredible value in home theater performance.

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I heard Open Range at Craig Chase' GTG almost a year ago, and your comment about "the chunks of wood " was spot on! The dynamic range, and attack of the Theater 10 was memorable, and I'm still considering an upgrade from my PRO/SHO-10 LCR to these. They have an even better low end response with equivalent detail and great vocal presence with no harshness of my system.

I'm not only impressed by the clarity and imaging of these speakers, but love the fact that their high efficiency does wonders without having to buy a separate monster amplifier. Those that have tested some of these rising popularity efficient systems notice the benefits immediately.

Thanks for the well written review, and confirmation of what I was hearing. At $300, they are a surprising deal.
Klipsch was one of the first to introduce a full horn loaded speaker, heard one when I was a young teen being powered by a 5 watt amp that was more than sufficient to fill the room from the single Klipshorn. That was amazing later in life to think about. Now there are many offerings and they are quickly gaining popularity. JTR, Danley, and recently Power Sound Audio and Reaction Audio have joined the numbers for low distortion, and balanced response speaker systems that are in the high efficiency range.

When you convert your thinking from watts to dB, and look at speaker efficiency, you find out how much more an efficient speaker can provide you in dynamic overhead than a high powered amp can! Peaks in music become lower in distortion and much easier and enjoyable to listen to when you approach reference level listening. IF the system design is done like this one.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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