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Chane A2rx-c 5.0 Loudspeaker Review Discussion Thread

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Chane A2rx-c 5.0 Loudspeaker Review Discussion Thread​

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Chane Music & Cinema has introduced the third evolution of their popular Arx series, now going by the alpha numeric '"Arx-c" designation. Using technologies not typically found at these prices, and utilizing an internet direct business model which allows customers to avoid paying dealer mark up, Chane looks to offer the public exceptional value for the money.

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I like the concept and size, prices? They certainly seem worthy of a audition after that review.
$229 ea as per Chane website. Not unreasonable at all...

Also notable Reddit posted a $189 price point that might be repeatable at MassDrop.com
MassDrop is a bulk buy community they maintain a request system to bring back past deals or perhaps we could re-create a mass buy here with enough interest as Chane has done this before.
Vogel clamp mounts. Those are neat, nothing out there anymore that uses a similar design (that won't cost more than the speakers)?
1 - 2 of 66 Posts
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