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Chane A2rx-c 5.0 Loudspeaker Review Discussion Thread

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Chane A2rx-c 5.0 Loudspeaker Review Discussion Thread​

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Chane Music & Cinema has introduced the third evolution of their popular Arx series, now going by the alpha numeric '"Arx-c" designation. Using technologies not typically found at these prices, and utilizing an internet direct business model which allows customers to avoid paying dealer mark up, Chane looks to offer the public exceptional value for the money.

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Excellent review, Dennis. Thank you for bringing the A2 system to life for us. I got to listen to them for an hour on the 4th at Dennis's place, and can only offer a hearty Amen to everything Dennis has said.

Out of curiosity, is anyone at HTS getting a pair of A5rx-c for review soon? I know they were on the docket to be reviewed when they were released this past spring, but I also see that Chane is (already) out of stock on them. I'd be quite interested to read about how they compare to the A2, since the A5 is a three-way speaker. Also I'm interested to find out what sonic differences there are compared to the original A5.
We have been asking Jon Lane for a crack at the new A5 for awhile now. He has had the wonderful fortune of having such high demand for them that he has been unable to hold back a pair for us yet (which of you customers would have accepted a "Sorry, all out" for our sake?:rolleyesno:). We would never wish for anything less than that for him, but will continue to hope he finds a way to send us a pair before too long for review.
I will throw in my 2¢ worth on break-in.

My own experience has been that new speakers go through so many adjustments, re-positionings, experiments with EQ or room correction, playing with room treatment, maybe trying a different amp, re-configuring other parts of the system... IOW, so many variables while deciding how to best use them and assess them, that I would have no way of isolating a subtle change and calling it break-in. I can't help but wonder if this might apply to most listeners.

On the other hand, I have learned to trust Dennis's ears more than just about anyone else's I know, so if he says they took awhile to break in......:huh:
1 - 2 of 66 Posts
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