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Chane A2rx-c 5.0 Loudspeaker Review Discussion Thread

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Chane A2rx-c 5.0 Loudspeaker Review Discussion Thread​

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Chane Music & Cinema has introduced the third evolution of their popular Arx series, now going by the alpha numeric '"Arx-c" designation. Using technologies not typically found at these prices, and utilizing an internet direct business model which allows customers to avoid paying dealer mark up, Chane looks to offer the public exceptional value for the money.

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^ I think base mass loading was only available on the older model ARX A3.
Nice review Dennis, I agree that Jon has done us solid on the speakers. I'm really enjoying mine.

Just for giggles...and if anyone is interested...I would let Sonnie et. al. put my pair of A5-rxc's through thier paces for review. I bet we could even talk Leonard into giving up his origional A5's for comparison. We would have to talk Wayne into listening to another set of speakers! We all know how much he hates that!!! Just a thought.
The general consensus is the tweeter should indeed be around ear height, and I wouldn't deviate from that with the Chane's myself.
This is specially true with symmetrical (2-way) MTM designs.
Hopefully Jon Lane can chime in here to substantiate what I have read...

But I understand that at first Jon didn't want to make anything bigger/more complex than the original A3 because his thinking was that the bigger 3 way design would hinder audiophile qualities.
I'm pretty sure the A5 (original version) was considered superior to the A3 (original version). Then the A3rx-c came out, and was proclaimed to be extremely close in character to the A5 (original). My understanding was that the goal with the A5rx-c was to make a significant improvement to the A5 (original); otherwise it was not going to be worth it to release an updated version.
'superior' is a very vague term.
My understanding is that Jon (and others) considered the A3 to have superior audiophile characteristics. And the A5 to have superior power handling capabilities.
All this is true, although the A3 > A3rx-c difference was probably more than the A5 > A5rx-c difference.

Yes, the A5 was designed - in the reinforced, heavier shell of the A3 - because a local sound pro and associate talked me into it. I wanted it to be better than the A3 in every way and took a good half a year settling on the crossover. As these things generally go, it all fell together at once, late in the development, and the rest you can read about here and elsewhere - apparently it works fairly well.

Since then the A3rx-c replaced the A3 and the A5rx-c replaced the A5. All rx-c versions moved to the lighter, louder tweeter, which gives us a better crossover fit with more thermal protection after the treble is padded back down. The most recent A3rx-c and A5rx-c, due to stock in six weeks or so, feature slightly upgraded midwoofers.

The whole aim of the line has always been to see how much real tech we can pack into a modest look and set of price points, so refinements can happen every few months.

2016 should bring us some new surprises. My datelines and projections are chronically wrong, but I own 100% of Chane and I'll expect that models like these stay on the leading edge of value in our class in as timely a fashion as I can.

(Oh, and Dennis, if you're interested, there may be something else of the MTM variety to interest you shortly.)
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(Oh, and Dennis, if you're interested, there may be something else of the MTM variety to interest you shortly.)
Absolutely. My interest in the A3rx-c has not waned, either.

Thanks for the update, Jon!
Absolutely. My interest in the A3rx-c has not waned, either.

Thanks for the update, Jon!
Thank you, Dennis; more on this as soon as possible...
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