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Chane A5rx-c group buy!

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It's almost official, Jon is planning to annouce the group buy this weekend for those interested! He will start a thread on his forum to get in to the group buy. I bet they go quick from the way the preliminary buy rolled out.
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The group buy is coming along, still some issues to workout. The plan is to PM codes to everyone that joined the preliminary buy. These will enable the discount at checkout when you order. Then codes will become available to everyone else that wants to get in on the Group Buy. The codes can be used for a pair of A5's or towards a complete set. The value of the discount is not released as of yet. If I remember right, shipping planned for March.
Well, I put my money where my mouth is and my theater is one step closer to completion. Waiting an a 7.0 set from Jon. Supposed to arrive March 1st, process through customs, then to the warehouse & finally to me! This group buy has really allowed me to move the process along. And for about half of what I was anticipating to spend! Really excited to hear them as they will be a significant upgrade of my Klipsch's.
Wow! Time really flies, can't believe it's been a month already. It seems like just yesterday I was reading about your speakers during the planning phase of the $1000 eval. Then Sonnie posted that you might not be able to get a pair to us in time. Your speakers looked so good on paper that I actually asked to Sonnie please encourage to get you to make every effort to participate. I'm so glad you did because I would have never heard your speakers otherwise! Now I'm waiting on my own!

So guys, all I can add is...put your refund to some good use & get in on this buy. Absolutely the best deal I have found to date!
Just a reminder guys....one more day to get in on Jon's group buy! :spend:

Of course I'm sure there will be a group buy for the L7's whenever they are finished! :yes:

Jon is reporting that he expects the A5rx-c's to arrive @ his wharhouse tomorrow with immediate turn around to customers. Shipping has already been arranged, so we should be looking at getting them within a week or two. Reall excited to start breaking them in!
Jon wrote:

We expect to devan the products tomorrow. All customer orders are processed and should turn around right on the dock. I expect tracking numbers to start issuing by email Thursday.
Hey! That's tomorrow!
So how did this work out for those that joined and any chance of 2nd offering?
It worked out great for me! And it's my understanding that Jon pretty much always puts on a group buy (only once per series though). I imagine it helps with cash flow (guessing here) as well as a discount to the buyer! Looks like a win-win from my perspective!
Don't worry, there is supposed to be another one for his improved A5 soon! :)
Give hime a call or email, he'll bring you up to speed. He's a great guy to talk to.
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