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Chane L7 getting close

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As we all know, Chane's A5rx towers were met with high praise back in the
$1000 http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/home-audio-speakers/84858-official-1-000-speaker-evaluation-home-audition-event-results.html &
$2500 http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/home-audio-speakers/70413-official-2-500-speaker-evaluation-home-audition-event.html speaker evaluations.

Jon has been toying with the idea of developing a larger speaker that would provide a bit more bass extension as well as over all SPL. I have been following his progress for more than a year. With the bar set by the A5's as they are, I am really anticipating the L7 to be quite special. I found this today.

It's been WAY too quiet here;...That said, the L7 is finally a fully-fledged concept and while exact production isn't a lock yet, I'd like to think we'll have some prototypes here this spring to test, photograph, and tune.

I just wasn't 100% pleased with the direction the model took through about mid last year, but that changed when some new options appeared. Now the model is really well balanced and its specifications are stunning. I have the time to devote to it again, and it really is what I'd always wanted the L7 to be.

We can't make just another tower. After the A5 platform's success, this model really has to click and as of this month I think we have the right ingredients. With some good news from the supply chain hopefully we can make an announcement in a month or so.
So while this might be a bit premature, things are looking up again!:spend:
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Jon is such a great guy...really puts his soul into his speakers, and these are his pride & joy! I can't wait to hear them.


Thanks for the kind words, really. The L7, and it's matching center, the L6, have cleared everything but the prototype shop. That was dealt with this past Friday so I'm expecting good things. Both models are part of a rapid response effort I've been working on. Once it's completely engaged we'll have these models and more. ("More" doesn't mean more in this product series, just a few bits and pieces to make things interesting elsewhere.)

This production effort is something I've wanted for some time. It gives Chane more of the functions of the typical smaller ID brand. The regular four Chane models, which are about to include the new A1.4 and A2.4 as announced yesterday, continue to be bleeding-edge efforts at highest value and thus are always large-order, longer timeframe acquisitions. That supply chain type isn't typical for ID. The L series are a distinctly different scenario.

The L7 will be a 1225mm tower much in the vein of the 1000mm A5 series. The L7 coincidentally uses seven drivers, and happens to be optimized for exceptional output from a direct-radiating (non-horn) system with excellent transient response. The L6 shall use our very successful A2.4-type crossover. Both will be offered in satin black and possibly fine veneers in the future.

I'm really excited about both. They are a dream come true in that the component quality, sound quality prospects, and value are top shelf. I can't project the price, but for a product of this ability and makeup, it'd run a number of thousands in the popular market, and five figures in the boutique market.

You'll naturally ask me about timeframes. I honestly don't know. Obviously they've taken months longer than expected, but this owes to supply logistics entirely - it's not any issue with the models themselves. This in turn owes to the simple fact that nobody is attempting this level of competitiveness. We see fancy towers costing three times the A5rx-c that weigh ten pounds less and have literally a third the acoustical size. The L6 and L7 will keep with our formula of black-boxing to keep value high.

Fortunately this is an any-day-now situation - we could be showing pictures in this thread before long. Thanks again and know that I'll do everything I can for my part to make this a reality. I have the highest expectations, especially since we know what we're capable of in our other well-received models.

And yes, there will be a modest Group Buy. I'll owe you guys.

You just gotta love this guy!
Things are moving along on the L7 & L6 Center:

General update, folks. The project appears to have dropped into top gear. We've been told a mid June release of our advanced prototypes, and after a trip to Chane, I'll do the crossovers and final tuning and we'll move to production. Production isn't as lengthy as our other models.

Because exactly 100% of my best estimates are wrong I'm not going to list dates, but with what we've just learned, the L6 and L7 happen this Summer. Naturally, more info appears here just as soon as it happens. Photos, feature list, specs, measured data, beta and other reviews, and through it all, some sort of offer to all of you here.

That's it for now.

...and there may be some other goodies...
These things should be everything anybody could ever want, errr...need...yeah need!
The most Jon has said is"

The A6 concept called for a horizontal, center channel layout, using the A5 mid and treble and a pair of flanking 6.5" woofers instead of the A5's triple 5" stack. As such it wouldn't suit vertical use, like the double-duty A2.
I personally don't see a problem with the tweeter, his crossover/cabinet design brings its performance right where it needs to be. And helps keep the price in line.
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