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Hi Mike,

Do the Reckhorn units have adjustable or pre-set/switcheable rumble filters? I plan to use it from the mono sub out of an AV amp. Power amp will either be a Classe CA-100 bridged, or a PA power amp which I can't remember the name of, Samson I think.

The cab in question is around 100L I think, not well braced, a single narrow port looks like it will have very high port velocity, how may this affect the sound?

The 25Hz tuning with a high pass at 25Hz looks the best option for cone excursion and power. I am not sure what two 51/5" by 1.3/4" ports equate to tuning wise, I guess around 70Hz?

Edit; Is there a difference between the B1 and B2? Edit; High Cut!

Edit would an electronic crossover be useable as a rumble filter type unit, such as a Behringer model?
1 3/4 is much to narrow. I know of no driver on the planet that should be ported that way. Get bigger ports or seal the thing. 1 3/4" will get you nothing but port noise and distortion.
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