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Cheap A/V Rack

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I was searching for a cheaper alternative to building my own rack, and I found something at Walmart, believe it or not!!..It's like one of the rubbermaid shelving units, but smaller and its the perfect size for all my a/v equipment!!..Its 49" tall..22" wide..14.5" deep....It has 4 shelves total and fits my receiver,BD player,dvd/cd player and I put my projector on the top shelf!!...It was only $13!!!..I also bought some primer and flat black spray paint and it came out really well!!!..Not bad for less than $20 total investment!!..Its pretty sturdy and the shelves are solid (no holes or cross pattern)...


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Let us know how it works out. I think depending on the weight of the equipment it may be "wobbley"
So far, so good..I sat the receiver on the 3rd shelf and the weight down that far, makes it even more sturdy.
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You're definitely not going to have a problem with air flow
:rofl: Definitely not!!..I can always cut down the tubes as well, but I need some height for the projector..
A second rack could also be combined to add two more shelves, allow for you to cut down the tubes,
and still give you the needed height for the projector.
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