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Checkin in from Portland Maine

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Hi All. Great site here. Been perusing the posts. Hopefully I'll learn enough someday to help others out. For now, I'm a HT newbie who loves tech. I'm an eCommerce Director for a mega corp and I love computers. If only all this stuff wasn't a bazillion dollars. But I love to drool... maybe I was a dog in a former life. Anyway, I've already made my first post. Gotta go back to watching the Giants vs the Packers. My Patriots already won (hehe). Peace.
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Hello DMac and welcome to the Shack!

I do a little drooling myself all along. :huh:
Hi DMac, welcome. Have fun, Dennis
Welcome to the Shack,... I guess we let let a Pat's fan in :bigsmile: Glad you could join us.
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