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Checkin IN

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Hi my name is Tom and I live in Apollo Beach, FL. I've just recently ordered an HSU ULS-15 MKII and am trying to learn more about setup (tuning) my system. AV receiver is a Pioneer VSX-1131 and the 3 fronts are Infinity Overture Is, Surrounds are Polk FX300Is. ATMOS speakers are Pioneer SP-T22A-LR. Obviously a budget system. I've been using a Paradigm PS-1000 for the bottom end. The Paradigm is somewhat boomy in my new home. It seems to have enough volume to fill approximately 4000 cubic ft of space with enough volume, but I really want tighter bass.
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Hey Tom, welcome to HTS.

I suspect you're going to like the sound quality of the ULS-15 as it's a very nice subwoofer. I reviewed one a few years back and was impressed by what it's capable. of.
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