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Purchased this from B&H in 2016 and never used it. Just could not get it installed (mostly wife hated the idea of a 2x2 patch on the ceiling: wanted a divorce). Bought the total set for 2500$. Been keeping it to try to convince her but no luck. Thought I could cut up my dining table and make it push the projector up but customer service says it is designed only for dropping things down. Now I just need to make space in my shed for other stuff as my kids are getting older. Hate to sell it for so low (new price is 3300$) but hopefully incentive enough for someone to come pick it up real soon. If you need it, worth the drive from far away for the savings.

See Chief Projector Mounts - LCD/DLP/CRT Smart-Lift SL-236

Also comes with a adapter thingy for the Epson 5030UB (There are adapters available for other projector types)

Local pickup and cash from Mountain View for now. We can set it up temporarily on a 2x4 and test it before you take it.

Also on craigslist in the SF Bayarea if you are local.

Note: This is heavy (140lb).

Note2: Check installation instructions online to see if it will work with your joist spacing (If your joist spacing is too small, search for "plumbers box framing", you'll need a contractor type to build such a thing in your ceiling joists. Standard stuff for them)

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