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I have a village, I used to pillage and plunder, then all the loot dried up and it just wasn't worth it any more.
I have dropped almost all my trophies and just let let sit there and farm. When I have enough coin or pink to improve something I turn the workers on.
I leave the town hall outside the wall so the little villages that find me can come and take it, sometimes I will set a collector out there with it so they get a little pink and a little coin and they give me a shield.
The only time I raid anymore is if someone else with a powerful village does a full scale attack on my village, then I use revenge to punish them since they have no business dropping down to 600 trophies and raiding the tiny villiages that show up in the attack search at that trophy level.
LOL yes it is fun to watch troops get destroyed or flung off the screen.
Our clan is just my wife, her sister and me.
I only built my village up so I could give dragons to them.
I don't think any of us are warriors anymore.
We just sit behind our walls and farm.
I check the village once a day to collect my loot, negotiate with the union if I have enough loot on the next public works project, watch any attack replays, and give away dragons.
Any more time than that is better spent perusing this forum.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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