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I've been playing it for a couple years now. Highly addictive game and a great time killer. Level 93 here how about you guys?
Lvl 99 and on the verge of 100. And I've only been playing for about a year.
Nice! I don't war much anymore and haven't ever participated in clan wars. It's just the wife and I in a clan and she lost interest a long time ago. She basically provides me troops now when I ask. I still enjoy playing from time to time.
That's pretty much what I do is revenge attack. I don't set my TH out in the open though because I like people trying to attack my village and coming away disappointed. I get about as much enjoyment out of successful defense of my village as I do attacking others. I also find it irritating when level 130+'s drop down just to farm from the weak.
Well it's time to don the war gloves and get back into the thick of things! We could use another for 15v15 clan wars! :bigsmile: Unfortunately, we're average at best. There's only a couple of us who are 'serious' about our attacks and the rest aren't that good at all. But you need to fill the ranks. :huh:
I just don't have any desire to join a clan that wars with any frequency. I enjoy the game but very limited in the amount of time I'm willing to dedicate towards it.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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